Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Published September 27, 2014

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Film info

  • Title Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
  • Director Kenneth Branagh
  • Year 2014
  • Run time 1hr 45m
  • Genres Action, Drama, Thriller
  • Tagline Trust no one

Based on the CIA analyst created by espionage master Tom Clancy, 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' is a blistering action thriller that follows Ryan from his quiet double-life as a veteran-turned-Wall Street executive to his all-out initiation as a hunted American agent on the trail of a massive terrorist plot in Moscow.

Background info

Title: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Director: Kenneth Branagh Year: 2014 Run time: 1hr 45m

Live blog

1:35 - Ooh, I hate that feeling when you know something is going on but you don’t know what. 6:23 - Who signed up Keira to do an accent? She’s always British. 8:16 - Busted. 13:09 - Aw, bless Jack setting people up. “Why else would anyone buy a motorbike?” 14:41 - Windows phone. 18:16 - I’d be so rubbish at lying. Or trying not to lie. Or just keeping anything on the down low. 21:31 - “You pay me to look.” 23:36 - He’s going to Moscow and STILL they manage to tie it to Paris. 28:47 - Excellent fight scene but I was mostly coveting the bathroom. 33:54 - If someone said “don’t lose faith in me” I wouldn’t just say “okay,” I’d be like, what?? 35:27 - Loving KC in the older advisor role. 38:33 - I hope he gets a payrise! 41:30 - He just did actual Kremlin gameface. 47:31 - Soundproof truck. 54:10 - “This is geopolitics, it’s not couples therapy.” 1:04:47 - “Regret, it piles up around us like books we haven’t read.” 1:09:45 - He has to text the Russian letters! Genius. 1:15:06 - Why did he steal the lightbulb? 1:18:53 - Baddy has an iPhone, good guy has a Windows phone. 1:19:53 - Oh, that’s what the lightbulb is for. 1:25:43 - “Everybody goes somewhere!” Not met Mr C, clearly. 1:38:32 - “Any chance you can get that boy scout on a field trip look off your face?”


This edition of the Jack Ryan series was always on the list to be watched, but I’d put it off in the hopes of working my way through the franchise in order. The Hunt for Red October was fun, but Patriot Games was unwatchable for us. So I ditched that idea and we jumped forward to this one. Luckily, it’s a reboot so nothing was missed.

This film was a lot of fun, very entertaining and a great story that we thought was going to be one thing but that then turned into another. I liked the backstory, explaining how he became an analyst and then emerged from behind his desk to become an action hero again. It made a lot more sense than “oh, I have found myself on a submarine, how odd.”

Initially, Keira was annoying me, it looked like she was trying really hard to do the accent right, and then was going on about Paris and turning up in the wrong place like an annoying wife. But then she came into her own and was awesome in the restaurant. I loved that how sequence, tense and engaging - will he get out in time? And the way they passed the USB stick from hand to hand.. it was fab.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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