The Picture of Dorian Gray

Published April 19, 2010

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Film info

  • Title The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Director Albert Lewin
  • Year 1945
  • Run time 1hr 50m
  • Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Drama, Horror
  • Tagline Why did women talk about Dorian Gray in whispers?

Oscar and Golden Globe-winning adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic story about a mysterious young man whose painted portrait ages through the years while he remains young. Starring Oscar-winner George Sanders (All About Eve), multiple Oscar and Emmy-nominee Angela Lansbury (Gaslight, TV's Murder, She Wrote) and Oscar-winner Donna Reed (From Here to Eternity).

Live Blog

Time Comment
0:24 Ooh, the Murder She Wrote lady when she was young!
3:06 Men don’t wear top hats enough these days.
4:36 Who is that man that he gets to boss the other one around?
6:55 Oh, he’s a Lord.
8:31 I don’t find him particularly good looking - is he meant to be? Or just meant to be young?
11:45 Why is the picture in colour but nothing else is?
16:02 She’s a bit different to the lady who sits behind a typewriter all day.
19:01 Who spells their name Sibyl? It seems odd.
22:24 I like that she says “it is full of emotion” without a shred of emotion.
32:10 Is that a sea lion? In a pub?
35:17 Why would he take the Lords advice when he was so disgusted by it?
39:42 I think most people would fail that test these days.
44:17 Just writing the letter made him feel forgiven. He is so very presumptuous.
50:33 People have long since stopped carrying books around in their pocket. The iPad could change all that!
54:11 If he’s that bothered by the picture, I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to throw it out.
59:00 Why aren’t people freaked out by his flawless skin? Even as a youngster it was bizarre!
1:02:26 I wondered why the child talked funny, but I suppose it must be because the older version does too.
1:07:28 I’m always surprised that slow paced films like this are still fascinating.
1:10:43 I like the idea of a light suspended from the ceiling that you can drag around wherever you want.
1:33:12 You couldn’t exactly mistake him for someone else. He’s got unique looks.
1:42:38 They are now starting to figure it out. Would it really be the first conclusion you’d jump to? Of course, it’s the painting’s fault.
1:46:47 I’m curious about there being a sharp knife in the schoolroom in the first place.
1:48:58 You’d be traumatised for life after seeing that.


I’m assuming this film appeared in the iTunes store reduced to try and help promote the new version. I haven’t got on well with black & white films before but the premise is intriguing.

I surprised myself with this film and really enjoyed it. With such strong characters, the black and white didn’t confuse me like the last one. The story was quite slow, and the acting very ’40s, but I was engrossed. I really would like to see the remake now.

Rating: 4 / 5

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