The Beach

Published May 9, 2014

The Beach

Film info

  • Title The Beach
  • Director Danny Boyle
  • Year 2000
  • Run time 1hr 59m
  • Genres Adventure, Thriller, Romance, Drama
  • Tagline Somewhere on this planet it must exist

Richard, a young American backpacker, is willing to risk his life for just one thing: that mind-blowing rush you can only get from braving the ultimate adventure. But on a secret, deceptively perfect beach, he'll soon discover that, as the level of intensity rises and the stakes climb higher, desire grows stronger... and danger grows deeper.

Background info

Title: The Beach Director: Danny Boyle Year: 2000 Run time: 1hr 59m

Live blog

1:59 - Not sure I could deal with people hassling you all the way down the street. 5:39 - Robert Carlisle is amazing. Terrifying, but amazing all the same. 10:48 - Gotta love a random treasure map given to you by a dead guy. 18:25 - White sand, blue seas… and coconuts, of course. 22:04 - He can’t be a very good traveller, he seems confused by the concept of the camera. 24:43 - They could have fashioned some kind of raft, really. 32:00 - The whole bin bag bumbag look isn’t a great one. 35:35 - Can’t believe they’ve been through all that journey and found a guy from Casualty. 41:28 - That is a big ol' jellyfish. Hugging my sofa right now. 49:15 - The song! Yay All Saints! 51:34 - It’s not hugely secret in the middle of the ocean of glowing plankton. 1:01:32 - There’s nothing like cutting yourself off to realise how awful human beans are. 1:09:22 - Leo is just a big fat liar, all through this movie! 1:18:14 - The lying doesn’t bother her. That’s weird. The lying is the worst part! 1:24:17 - “This forest was my territory.” He might be turning into Tarzan. 1:37:03 - His one job was to grab the map. It was right there! 1:47:48 - It was kinda ruined when she picked up the gun anyway, 1:51:13 - What is Excite? I don’t remember that one.


After being unable to finish the last film we attempted, we opted to watch something we knew we’d like. Mr C knew he’d seen it before, I was convinced I had - although as the film played out, I realised I hadn’t but knew it all from having read the book multiple times.

It gets a bit weird in places, that’s Danny Boyle for you. I thought the video games bit in the forest was fun but didn’t work so well because they hadn’t focused on his gaming obsession quite so much.

They’ve got some beautiful locations, though, and some great actors… even if one of them is that guy off Casualty. It’s an odd film based on an odd book, it sticks pretty closely to the source material and does a good job. Mostly enjoyable if a bit disturbing in places.

Rating: 3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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