42. Monty Python's Life of Brian

Published March 23, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Monty Python’s Life of Brian Director: Terry Jones Year: 1979 Run time: 1hr 33

Background Info

Everyone loves this, right? Mr C has always sung the praises of it, and I seemed to miss the boat. I’ve seen it once, under duress, but going into it with a more open mind this time could only be a good thing.

Live Blog

00:00:39 - At least this one doesn’t start with a clip clopping pretend horse. Could never get past that. 00:02:44 - I like that the man is clearly a woman but not really pretending to be in any way other than the voice. 00:03:51 - It must have killed his throat doing that voice. 00:06:11 - The opening credits are weird, no doubt, but a great way of passing time between baby and man. 00:11:31 - What use is a packet of gravel? 00:15:27 - He’s not happy about being an ex-leper. It reminds me of The Incredibles: “I didn’t ask to be saved.” 00:18:48 - Dromedary pretzels! I wonder what they would be like in chocolate. 00:25:43 - If they taught languages at knife point, it would probably be a lot quicker to learn! 00:29:47 - Putting a sheet over yourself is a genius way to hide. 00:39:29 - It’s funny to pick him up specifically to throw him to the floor again. 00:40:58 - John Cleese looks odd in the Roman getup. I think it’s because he has long legs. 00:41:47 - You can so see Mr Palin trying not to laugh. 00:43:46 - Woah. It turned into Star Wars. 00:46:44 - I would haggle like that too. 00:50:21 - For a film that reuses the same actors for the main parts, I feel like there are a lot of extras. 00:53:25 - It would be awesome if people engaged in heckling the people who shout in the streets. 00:55:35 - What’s a gourd? 00:56:46 - I’m not a fan of the idea of wearing only one shoe. 01:01:41 - I so don’t need to see a naked beardy man prancing about a juniper bush. What on earth is a juniper? 01:03:30 - What is up with the nakedness? 01:07:48 - She’s still holding onto that gourd thing. 01:10:40 - 140 crucifixions. Nice round number. Pre-dates Twitter as well. 01:19:13 - It’s good for leaders to make their subject laugh but… not in that way. 01:20:08 - He’s upside down again! 01:24:04 - They’re all tied up. I thought they nailed them to the cross. 01:29:38 - Wasn’t that guy just taken down pretending to be Brian? There he is again. 01:32:25 - “Incidentally, this record’s available in the foyer.”


So, yes, I have to admit it, the film is actually quite good. I’m still not 100% convinced on the whole Monty Python thing, but a couple of times I laughed out loud during this, and I can’t deny it. At least now I get some of the jokes that everyone talks about.

Rating: 55

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