41. Easy Virtue

Published March 22, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Easy Virtue Director: Stephan Elliott Year: 2008 Run time: 1hr 29

Background Info

This was on the BBC iPlayer and I had never heard of it, but I was curious to see Jessica Biel in something as I’d read a bit about her and didn’t know who she was.

Live Blog

00:00:48 - A film that starts with footage of a race in Monaco? I’m sold. 00:04:11 - That is quite an annoying rat/dog. 00:06:07 - It’s Kris Marshall! 00:09:07 - I would just die if I met a Grand Prix driver as well. 00:11:11 - Larita is an odd name, isn’t it? 00:12:51 - You can tell this is really a play, but I don’t know why. Because it’s quite wordy maybe? 00:14:28 - He was pushing cows over? What a great story for a broken leg. 00:17:31 - Very difficult to be the one who doesn’t like the hunt amongst those that do, I’d imagine. 00:21:06 - What is that big glass bit on the end of the house? 00:22:08 - Oh, it’s a big greenhouse! Like an early Eden Project. 00:27:05 - Always get the staff onside. 00:30:02 - It’s interesting that men did that, travel around after the war. Very hard to go home. 00:32:18 - The dog always gets it in these type of films. 00:38:19 - I like that Hilda is laughing. 00:39:33 - Why do they have to stay so long if they are already making plans to move on? 00:40:27 - Those are Matrix style sunglasses! 00:45:11 - John Whittaker sounds a little bit like Tom Archer. 00:50:20 - Suddenly they like her again because she bought them turkey? 00:53:58 - You just know she’s not going to ride a horse. 00:55:28 - Are the horses not spooked by the bike being there? 01:00:00 - She’s a great character. I approve of her always wearing trousers. 01:14:51 - Great lighting in this film. 01:16:21 - I thought she cancelled the Japanese lanterns. 01:21:40 - I don’t suppose dancing a tango with her husband’s father is going to make her any more welcome within the family. 01:26:06 - He has very black eyes that boy.


I really quite enjoyed the film, even though it’s not normally a style I would like. Jessica Biel lived up to expectations, whilst Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas were on top form. I wasn’t all that impressed with the dog stuff, it was a bit lame comedy for my liking, but thankfully it was only a small part of the bigger picture.

Rating: 45

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