Easy Virtue

Published March 22, 2010

Easy Virtue

Film info

  • Title Easy Virtue
  • Director Stephan Elliott
  • Year 2008
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline Let's misbehave!

Join an all-star cast in the most fantastically funny (Classic FM) film of the year. After young Englishman John Whittaker (Ben Barnes) falls in love with blonde bombshell Larita (Jessica Biel) and marries her on the spot, the next stop on their whirlwind romance is to meet his parents (Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas). Marital bliss descends into all-out bedlam as John's mother develops an instant allergy to Larita and the tension builds hilariously into all-out war that will have you doubling up with laughter at its wickedness.

Live Blog

0:48A film that starts with footage of a race in Monaco? I’m sold.
4:11That is quite an annoying rat/dog.
6:07It’s Kris Marshall!
9:07I would just die if I met a Grand Prix driver as well.
11:11Larita is an odd name, isn’t it?
12:51You can tell this is really a play, but I don’t know why. Because it’s quite wordy maybe?
14:28He was pushing cows over? What a great story for a broken leg.
17:31Very difficult to be the one who doesn’t like the hunt amongst those that do, I’d imagine.
21:06What is that big glass bit on the end of the house?
22:08Oh, it’s a big greenhouse! Like an early Eden Project.
27:05Always get the staff onside.
30:02It’s interesting that men did that, travel around after the war. Very hard to go home.
32:18The dog always gets it in these type of films.
38:19I like that Hilda is laughing.
39:33Why do they have to stay so long if they are already making plans to move on?
40:27Those are Matrix style sunglasses!
45:11John Whittaker sounds a little bit like Tom Archer.
50:20Suddenly they like her again because she bought them turkey?
53:58You just know she’s not going to ride a horse.
55:28Are the horses not spooked by the bike being there?
1:00:00She’s a great character. I approve of her always wearing trousers.
1:14:51Great lighting in this film.
1:16:21I thought she cancelled the Japanese lanterns.
1:21:40I don’t suppose dancing a tango with her husband’s father is going to make her any more welcome within the family.
1:26:06He has very black eyes that boy.


This was on the BBC iPlayer and I had never heard of it, but I was curious to see Jessica Biel in something as I’d read a bit about her and didn’t know who she was.

I really quite enjoyed the film, even though it’s not normally a style I would like. Jessica Biel lived up to expectations, whilst Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas were on top form. I wasn’t all that impressed with the dog stuff, it was a bit lame comedy for my liking, but thankfully it was only a small part of the bigger picture.

Rating: 4 / 5

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