Published December 28, 2013


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  • Title Elysium
  • Directors
  • Year 2013
  • Run time
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Fast Facts

Title: Elysium Director: Neill Blomkamp Year: 2013 Run time: 1 hr 49 mins

Background Info

I was looking forward to this - Matt Damon and awesome Jodie Foster, dabbling amongst a dystopian land, with futuristic brilliance. The trailer was enticing and we eagerly awaited its appearance on iTunes.

Live Blog

1:33 - The space ring thing looks like the Mercedes symbol. 2:49 - If that’s meant to be a young Matt Damon, I can only assume they went back in time and got the actual Matt. Looks the same! 9:07 - “My shift ends at 8 on Wednesday.” Long shift? 10:18 - Police Officer Siri. 11:33 - Bonus Fichtner. 11:48 - This reminds me very much of Total Recall so far. 13:35 - They all speak French on Elysium. That’s my kind of place! 17:32 - Jodie Foster is rocking a unique blend of French and American. 24:28 - These robots don’t have much in the way of bedside manner. 34:52 - Fourth generation exo-suit, makes you strong as a droid. Why don’t more people use them then? Fight back? 39:23 - They’ve turned him into Robocop! 41:56 - Computers of the future have got so thin that they’re see-through. 47:30 - Disintegrating robot is amazing. 53:56 - Totally called the dead friend. He was too nice, and Matt needs to get rage from somewhere. 59:52 - No one seems bothered that he’s turned into a robot. 1:03:54 - That kid has all the answers. 1:10:48 - “I always wanted a waf.” I think he means wife. 1:16:41 - What a weird and unnecessary bloody bit. 1:19:41 - Tasers still widely in use then. 1:23:44 - I’ve never known the hero of a film be so injured for so long. 1:37:27 - I’ve grown fond of the geeky friend, I must say. 1:39:30 - Love the concept of switching Elysium on and off again. An IT person’s dream!


Very disappointing. Far too gory for no good reason, mostly predictable, and not a strong enough story to sustain the full length of the film. I also have problems with the ending, because, clearly the situation was unfair but it evolved that way for a reason, and just levelling the playing field isn’t going to help anyone, it puts them right back in the same place as when, presumably, the dystopia started. Also, the big bad guy was hard to take seriously.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: Unrated

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