We're the Millers

Published December 26, 2013

We're the Millers

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  • Title We're the Millers
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  • Year 2013
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Fast Facts

Title: We’re the Millers Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber Year: 2013 Run time: 1 hr 50 mins

Background Info

I was convinced that this would be awful, one of those middle of the road but trying to be edgy comedies with an ex-Friends star that just doesn’t deliver. The first trailer in particular put me off, because it didn’t mention that they weren’t a real family, and I thought the boy was really ogling his mother. The second trailer put my mind at ease but only a little!

Live Blog

2:45 - There’s such a thing as daddy weight? 5:23 - “I know you’re technically on a break…” WE WERE ON A BREAK. 11:21 - Dexter reference! 11:44 - Loving the giant aquarium behind his desk. 14:33 - Real life Flanders! 20:17 - Jeez, when my hairdresser asks what I want, I just say a tidy up! 24:52 - I want that RV! 27:16 - Marky Mark gets a mention. 34:19 - Be a team player! 41:37 - He just high-fived himself. Otherwise known as clapping. 43:10 - He did the whole flippin' rap! Amazing. 50:28 - Of all the people to give you a lift, the Drug Enforcement Agency. 51:31 - I like that they’re calling it a weed baby. 52:02 - Miller time. 59:31 - “If you ever get scared about anything, count to three and then just do it.” 1:09:49 - Half of them are still wearing the same clothes. 1:14:52 - As if they hadn’t upset him enough already, they’ve smashed his car in two. 1:20:50 - “Well, I’m awake and I speak English so I do know what you’re saying.” 1:22:10 - No ragrets. 1:29:38 - “Nice try, radio, nice try.” 1:45:39 - Everything really IS a Friends reference!


Actually this was surprisingly good. All four were really good, and although there were some scenes I could have done without, and plenty of cringeworthy bits, it was entertaining. I loved the little references here and there, and the bloopers at the end were great fun. One of the better comedies I’ve seen for a while.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: Unrated

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