Home Alone

Published December 26, 2013

Home Alone

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  • Title Home Alone
  • Directors
  • Year 1990
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Fast Facts

Title: Home Alone Director: Chris Columbus Year: 1990 Run time: 1 hr 43 mins

Background Info

I’ve had a hankering to watch this for a long while now, remembering that the last time I watched it I pretty much laughed solidly for the last half an hour. Unfortunately, it’s not been available digitally until very recently, but as soon as it was, we set up a viewing. As it coincided with Christmas, we opted for a Sidepodfilmclub watching of the film, which can be seen with Factbyte Factbox and live comments here. As always, it means the timings are slightly less accurate than normal.

Live Blog

1:00 - That is a mahoosive house. All for one family! 5:00 - “When I grow up and get married, I’m living alone. Do you hear me? I’M LIVING ALONE.” 19:00 - Parents in first class, all the kids in coach. Well, almost all of them. 23:00 - A hatch down to a laundry basket. I need that in my life! 27:00 - The feeling that you forgot something is awful enough before you realise it’s your own kid! 28:00 - The Grinch! Film watch inside a film watch. 33:00 - That’s Mr Heckles! Friends reference. 45:00 - The party is pure genius, but why do they have so many mannequins hanging around the house? 52:00 - He’s being pretty responsible with the weekly shop. How is it not all crisps and chocolate? 57:00 - I’m really enjoying the stock footage of all the planes. 58:00 - Also, commence the Planes, Trains and Automobiles bit. 1:09:00 - It’s nice how the choir lowered their volume just in time for the conversation to take place. Like when the jukebox stops in Eastenders. 1:14:00 - Love his map of the house. 1:19:00 - Considering how it’s gone so far, an open door must be a red flag to these silly burglars. 1:21:00 - I don’t remember this being quite so painful to watch! 1:24:00 - “Why’d you take your shoes off?” “Why are you dressed like a chicken?” 1:30:00 - They’ve hung the kid up on the door by his sweater. That’s some strong wool. 1:35:00 - It must have taken him a while to tidy up from all the mess. 1:37:00 - “Just hung around.”


Overall this still holds up really well, a great story and pretty well acted throughout. I read or heard someone talking about re-watching this as an adult and how it just wasn’t as good because the scenes with the burglars were just too painful. It definitely was more difficult to watch but I still enjoyed it - even if I did have to cover my eyes on occasion.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: Unrated

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