The World's End

Published December 18, 2013

The World's End

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  • Title The World's End
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  • Year 2013
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Title: The World’s End Director: Edgar Wright Year: 2013 Run time: 1 hr 49 mins

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Our second trilogy finale in a row, and we were settling in for the conclusion of the so-called Cornetto trio of films. I’ve enjoyed how each is different to the others but still connected, and I’ve been looking forward to this final one to see how it stacks up to all the others.

Live Blog

2:21 - You wouldn’t find so many pubs in one town now. They’ll have all closed. 5:38 - I quite enjoy a quick film intro to get you right into the story. 7:16 - “Since when have you had to check with your wife?” “Since we got married.” 10:20 - Dr Ink! That’s genius. 14:14 - Aw, it’s different when Frost doesn’t like Pegg. I hope he thaws soon. 20:08 - I like his coat. 22:41 - We’ll need to make the verb Starbucking. Becoming a chain. 25:46 - Love calling a glass of water like drinking rain. 30:40 - The Bermuda Triangle might actually be a square? 34:27 - “But shots don’t count, do they?” 38:56 - Does anyone actually say WTF out loud? 44:47 - I’m hoping “Let’s booboo” catches on instead of let’s go. 50:41 - Yay, Mark Heap! 54:01 - They really are creepy twins. 57:29 - Hehe, he put his hand right through the door! 1:03:30 - “I hate fields.” 1:09:56 - Weird watching Tim with half a head. 1:12:25 - The fences! 1:20:42 - Down it, down it, down it. 1:32:01 - “To err is human so…” shrugs 1:36:27 - I adore that she got lost on the ringroad.


I really liked it! Actually, I adored the first half an hour, when it was just the guys hanging out and niggling at each other. I probably could have watched the entire film without any of the alien/robot influence. But there was that entire robot plot to deal with, and they handled it well - I thought there was a bit too much fighting, that’s not really why you watch these films, but otherwise it was good, funny, with nods to the other two, and a none-too-happy ending.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: Unrated

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