Film Watch - 378. The Hangover Part III

Published December 18, 2013

Fast Facts

Title: The Hangover Part III Director: Todd Phillips Year: 2013 Run time: 1 hr 40 mins

Background Info

The first was excellent, if a little rough in places for my tastes. The second wasn’t quite as good - pretty much a carbon copy of the first but slightly less fun. So, what would the third be like? I’m not 100% sure were were looking forward to watching this, but we had to finish off the trilogy.

Live Blog

1:38 - This is a pretty dramatic and unexpected start! 4:56 - Mmm-bop is brilliant music. 8:16 - Yay, Bradley! Eight minutes is far too long to wait for an appearance. 11:30 - “What’s the worst that’s happened?” Jeez, two whole films worth. 15:20 - I think I’d have that reaction if Bradders said he loved me. 18:37 - Bonus John Goodman! 30:26 - Weird to have a poncho and an odd hat and be blending in. 36:04 - Love scale models of things. Not sure why you’d have one of your own house though. 38:46 - You sort of know when they are explain their simple plan that it’s not going to be that easy. 43:41 - I’d be terrified having a suit of armour in my house. What if it started moving? 49:57 - Mexico is really pretty from the air. 53:42 - His password is Hey Phil! 1:01:50 - Heather Graham! Yay! I love how happy she is to see them. 1:04:30 - I was sure the “do you remember me” question was going to followed by “I bashed your head on a car door.” 1:09:08 - I’m not sure I would trust tied sheets to hold my weight. 1:10:36 - Cameras on phones can brighten up any terrifying situation! 1:14:48 - “I’m invisible!” “It’s invincible and you’re not.” 1:15:56 - Floating over those fountains must be an incredible view. 1:26:21 - Alan is such a complicated character. 1:32:49 - “She’s an amazing woman. I find her much better than your wives.”


This was a fascinating finish to the trilogy, something just a little bit different. It was a lot darker, with fewer laughs, and it almost didn’t seem like a comedy, more like a drama with some amusing lines in. That being said, it was better than the second one for being different, even if it wasn’t as funny and certainly nowhere near a patch on the first. Overall, I’d say that they should have just stuck with the first film, but given that they cashed in for the franchise, they could have done worse than finish with this one.

Rating: 35

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