Monsters University

Published November 11, 2013

Monsters University

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  • Title Monsters University
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  • Year 2013
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Fast Facts

Title: Monsters University Director: Dan Scanlon Year: 2013 Run time: 1 hr 44 mins

Background Info

Monsters Inc was one of the first films that I watched with this new note-taking process, but we had to rewatch it in anticipation of the prequel. I was particularly looking forward to this one, having seen the trailer and it not looking like Pixar totally ruined the concept - as they have done with a few of their other films.

Live Blog

1:55 - Elementary Mike is the cutest. 2:47 - It’s weird seeing the factory before the action we saw in the last film. You know, the way prequels do. 7:58 - You can’t see Mike behind his backpack! Glad he’s older now though. Couldn’t get through a whole film with baby Mike. 11:58 - Mike has my kind of to-do list. A little bit too forward thinking though. 13:48 - “And I do not scare easi-eek!” 17:25 - Archie, the scare-pig. 22:21 - Monster version of NFL, also amazing. 24:55 - That dean could scare enough screams out of kids to put Monsters Inc out of business. 28:33 - Ooh, didn’t see that coming. 30:10 - Sullivan has an epic grumpy face. I’m going to try and perfect that. 32:16 - These Pixar backdrops have improved massively, it’s like real life! 41:41 - “What are you going to do, roar at it?” 45:18 - Swollen monsters are hilarious. 54:56 - Half of the film spent enjoying the amazing fun, half spent admiring the animation. 58:15 - “Nice fence!” 1:04:36 - Mike was being a globe! SO much to love in this. 1:11:54 - Argh, worried for Mike. 1:12:38 - Monster rage. 1:14:17 - Slightly ridiculous, but phew anyway! 1:16:16 - Pretty much this whole film, I’ve been thinking ‘how do they end up like they do in the first one?’ 1:21:02 - It’s weird seeing them out in the real world. Well, “real”, you know. 1:26:52 - I do enjoy when they pick Mike up by the head like a crane machine. 1:28:11 - She’s always watching. 1:30:16 - “I’m okay just being OK.” 1:33:36 - And Yeti!


Really loved this one. I couldn’t deal with the first few minutes, elementary school Mike was just too much for me, but once he grew up a bit and had that voice that we know and love, it was great. I liked the new characters, and the prequel story was good - although it did feel weird at times, watching them revelling in the scare process when we already know how that ends up.

We did spend quite a lot of time ogling the animation, and having just watched the first film, admiring how much it has improved. It wasn’t as good as the first, but it’s been a long time since Pixar made a film that we enjoyed, and this was, thankfully, one of those.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: Unrated

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