Film Watch - 364. Now You See Me

Published November 4, 2013

Fast Facts

Title: Now You See Me Director: Louis Leterrier Year: 2013 Run time: 1 hr 55 mins

Background Info

We’ve been awaiting this one for a while, after spotting the trailer for it. It also got my attention when I read about Isla nearly drowning filming her piranha scene. Magic seems to be the in thing at the moment, in the way subjects often go through phases in Hollywood. This one seemed like the perfect weekend watch.

Live Blog

2:14 - I both love and hate magic, so this should be an interesting one! 5:34 - I read she nearly drowned in the water. So much eeking. 7:55 - “You don’t have my number.” “I’m magic, I’ll find it.” 12:26 - It’s like a Tomb Raider puzzle. 14:23 - I like the name Henley. But it’s a little bit regatta. 17:17 - Michael Caine is all over the magic films. 21:19 - It’s the Crystal Dome but with three million Euros instead. 23:34 - I’m loving the Hulk. And bonus French! 30:36 - There’s a lot of Zuckerberg in that role. Typecasting. 35:13 - “The audience picked the seat… unless they didn’t pick the seat.” 37:59 - Flash paper leaves no residue and no smoke? Surely that defies the laws of physics. Or chemistry, Some kind of science. 48:06 - They encourage tweeting, and sharing with friends. We need that to not need to be an announcement! 58:03 - Oh my god. If ever there were proof that security questions don’t work! 1:04:10 - Scenes between Caine and Freeman are ones you could watch forever, no matter what they’re talking about. 1:07:56 - They don’t know that we know they they know that we know. 1:10:09 - “How do you like your horsemen?” 1:12:59 - Well, I never thought I’d see a film where papercuts were used as a weapon. 1:20:13 - You just… can’t chase magicians. 1:20:35 - “Don’t leave me in the car. Don’t ever talk to me like that again.” She’s bossy! 1:23:30 - Kinda tricky is a brilliant way to describe them. 1:30:39 - Why does she always wear gloves? 1:40:35 - Hmm.


Hmm is right. The film was really, very good. Funny in some places and mindblowing in others. I thought the relationship between the Hulk and the French girl felt a bit forced, but sometimes the romance just has to be shoehorned in.

The trouble I have with this film is that the ending just didn’t sit right with me. My immediate reaction was “I don’t get it.” Further conversation about it revealed that I did understand the storylines within, but they just didn’t come together for me. So, whilst it was good and recommended, and a bit like Hustle in the “Here’s how we did it”, I’m still pondering if it was finished off quite right.

Then again, I’ve read they’re making a sequel, so maybe they didn’t want all the loose ends tied up.

**Rating: **45

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