36. Chicken Run

Published February 15, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Chicken Run Director: Peter Lord, Nick Park Year: 2000 Run time: 1 hr 17

Background Info

I’ve seen Chicken Run plenty of times before and whilst I probably wouldn’t choose to watch it again, it was on the iPlayer so I figured it would be worth getting out the way!

Live Blog

00:00:21 - I must say, I like how short kids films are. 00:02:54 - That is an excellent way to get rid of gnomes. 00:03:45 - She should have just dived back under the wire once the fat one had got out the way. 00:06:05 - I don’t want to pick holes, of course, but where would chickens get a whisk from? 00:07:40 - Ah, the chickens are knitting, I take back the whisk comment. 00:10:25 - Chicken balaclavas! I like! 00:12:06 - How is chicken feed even slightly valuable? I can’t see why they haven’t always demanded eggs? 00:13:31 - Mrs Tweedy has a mouth just like Wallace. 00:14:58 - Do turnips splat like that? I don’t like them so I don’t know, but I thought they were relatively hard. I suppose at that speed, anything could splat. 00:17:00 - “Then there’s still a chance.” 00:20:54 - He knows he can’t help but he likes his adoring fans. 00:21:32 - Just a thought - do chickens have teeth? 00:24:20 - Ms Sawalha isn’t that great at the clucking. 00:25:41 - “The whole bunk is my side of the bunk.” 00:26:48 - Chickens doing aerobics. She won’t be impressed if they are losing weight. 00:28:55 - I’m worried about the chicken trying to fly whilst knitting. She could do some serious damage with those needles. 00:29:23 - A lot of bruised chickens coming up. 00:38:34 - For talking animals, their communication is not great. They never tell each other about not having laid any eggs! 00:42:10 - The chickens listen to The Archers! This is excellent news. 00:48:50 - I know we are all worried for Ginger, but the pie machine is making me a little bit hungry. 00:56:07 - He’s gone, hasn’t he? 01:01:17 - They suddenly have eggs to spare for the rats because they are going to be used for pies, right? 01:04:43 - Ms Tweedy doesn’t seem to have a plan for replacing the chickens once they are in the pies. She needs some stock rotation in place. 01:16:00 - I say egg first.


It’s a good and fun film, although not a patch on anything Pixar. The nice thing about Wallace & Gromit style creations are that they have nice in jokes that relate to Britain, as opposed to the US Pixar. It does make them feel very homely and I feel better about the film having watched it this time.

Rating: 35

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