Inside Man

Published September 30, 2013

Inside Man

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  • Title Inside Man
  • Directors
  • Year 2006
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Fast Facts

Title: Inside Man Director: Spike Lee Year: 2006 Run time: 2 hrs 9 mins

Background Info

I hadn’t heard of this before it appeared high up in the iTunes charts, and we tracked its spike in popularity down to it being 99p film of the week. I’m becoming a big fan of Denzel Washington, and Mr C said he couldn’t think of any bad film he’d seen Jodie Foster in.

Live Blog

2:33 - Good cast in this. 5:12 - Kid playing on a PSP, not listening to his parent, that seems about right. 6:58 - The security guards were pretty slow to react to some strange people entering the bank. 9:27 - Love Denzel. Although that’s a moustache he’s sporting there. 11:09 - “Bad guys, here I come.” …in a fedora. 21:04 - Yay for the command centre truck thing. 25:05 - I was going to say, it’s taking them a long old time to get round to the money part. 28:31 - I wouldn’t know an AK47 if you shoved it in my face. Which is sort of the situation he’s talking about. 37:50 - I’m very confused what kind of a job Jodie Foster is meant to have. 43:10 - Recording pen. “James Bond sh**.” 50:49 - Maybe they’re all in on it. 54:34 - “Albanian. From Albania.” 58:26 - Seems a bit unprofessional to smoke on a bank robbery. DNA and stuff. 1:04:56 - Another film with riddles! 1:08:56 - I don’t buy him letting her in, not one little bit. 1:23:43 - Thank you for the advice, Mr Bank Robber. 1:27:58 - Weirdly, the film has taken a turn for the “arty”. 1:35:10 - Oh, I forgot about the rubber bullets. Heart attack central. 1:46:47 - Yay for the James Bond gadgets coming in useful! 1:52:28 - It’s just like that Jonathan Creek episode! 1:59:40 - Denzel has an excellent laugh.


Not great, really. It didn’t make an awful lot of sense as it was progressing, they stole their ending from Jonathan Creek, and then it turns out the Denzel detective guy wasn’t even that likeable a fellow in the first place. And I really didn’t understand what Jodie Foster was there for, or why she was allowed in the bank.

It was gratuitously long considering the story that it had to tell. I thought Clive Owen did a good job considering he spent 99% of his screen time with sunglasses and a balaclava covering his face. But all in all, not a well-spent couple of hours.

**Rating: **1/5

Rating: Unrated

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