Jurassic Park III

Published September 16, 2013

Jurassic Park III

Film info

  • Title Jurassic Park III
  • Director Joe Johnston
  • Year 2001
  • Run time 1hr 32m
  • Genres Thriller, Science-Fiction, Action, Adventure
  • Tagline This time, it's not just a walk in the park

Eight years after the InGen incident, Dr. Alan Grant is happy with his life far from any dinosaurs other than fossilized. Unfortunately, he is extremely short in research money, and therefore accepts the offer of wealthy businessman Paul Kirby: A low flight over isolated Isla Sorna, where InGen's second research site was located, and Dr. Grant can fund his future research for a long time. What Dr. Grant didn't know is that Kirby just needs a dinosaur expert to help him and his wife find their 14-year-old son Eric, who crashed on the island while paragliding. What he did suspect, but never wanted to witness, is that the Velociraptors have evolved into a communicating species and are more dangerous than ever.

Fast Facts

Title: Jurassic Park III Director: Joe Johnston Year: 2001 Run time: 1 hr 32 mins

Background Info

In quick succession after watching the second, we devoured the third. I had remembered a scene midway through JP2, and realised it wasn’t in that one but was actually all I could recall about this third film. Yay for dinosaurs!

Live Blog

2:27 - Of all the flying-related activities, hanging off the back of a boat seems doable. 6:21 - I do love how passionate they get about the dinosaur subject. 14:26 - I hope he’s not going to be persuaded by money again. 15:41 - Seems like everyone has a price, etc, etc. 22:35 - This must be part of the inspiration for LOST. Plane crashing in the jungle. 29:29 - “We search for your son… in the direction they’re going.” 39:51 - Ah, they have stumbled upon the dinosaur growing factory. Lots of goo in there. 44:46 - Jeez, you leave the dinosaurs alone for five minutes, they get really smart - talking to each other and setting traps and all sorts. 1:07:11 - It’s interesting to see all the things designed to keep the dinos at bay working against the people as well. 1:08:27 - Dr Grant doesn’t like children but he keeps ending up in adventures with them. 1:09:56 - They have to show the beautiful bits of the dinosaurs occasionally, so we know they aren’t all bad. 1:13:51 - I love the juxtaposition of Barney versus “real” dinos. 1:20:05 - Those eggs must have massively thick shells to have survived this long. 1:24:52 - Short film!


It’s such a short film, the ending took me by surprises. Subsequent reading suggested a lot of the action sequences were those cut from the first two films, which makes me think they just ran out of ideas and that’s why it ended after 85 minutes. Still, it was nice to see Dr Grant back, and the return of characters who didn’t appear in the second, even if only for a moment. It was also slightly less predictable than the second, but also slightly less “scary”.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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