35. Herbie: Fully Loaded

Published February 14, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Herbie: Fully Loaded Director: Angela Robinson Year: 2005 Run time: 1 hr 31

Background Info

Yes, I know. This is the kind of sequel no one really wants to watch, but it was on the iPlayer for free, and I thought it was worth giving it a chance. Maybe?

Live Blog

00:00:46 - Is this the history of Herbie? It’d be nice if they got to use the footage from the old films. 00:04:37 - You would think by now people would have heard of Herbie and wouldn’t make him mad. 00:09:01 - An argument about who crashes best, that’s not great. 00:14:10 - $50 for a car? Blimey. 00:16:44 - Hey, it’s Mac! Not that he’s typecast or anything. 00:19:52 - “Oh, that’s broke. That’s supposed to be connected to something.” That is my kind of diagnosis! 00:21:40 - I don’t think Trip is a good name for a racer. 00:24:46 - Wow, that is quite the scratch! I love Herbie! 00:31:12 - A video tape? 00:32:50 - “Yea” isn’t exactly a promise. 00:37:38 - She didn’t exactly need much convincing, did she? 00:39:03 - I think it needs a new paint job too, it’s not very white. 00:42:25 - Ah yes, they painted it. 00:46:10 - The new bugs are ugly compared to the old ones. 00:48:49 - She can’t drive in those shoes though. 00:49:38 - Now she’s gonna get it all dirty and someone will have to clean it up before the race. 00:52:18 - What is “for pinks”? I’m guessing it’s the car. 00:58:05 - I like that her overalls are a little purple. Good colour. 00:59:57 - How did she get in to his garage? You can’t just walk into those places. 01:00:51 - I have never understood the point of a demolition derby? How is that much destruction fun? 01:02:54 - It’s certainly dedication to a car to walk out in the middle of that lot. 01:04:12 - I guess getting the people onside at the derby is half the battle. 01:11:34 - The question is, after all this time and so many new parts, is it really still Herbie? 01:18:45 - Do you not have to have fully closed helmets? 01:21:07 - Makes me laugh how films have to spruce up and speed up races because most of it is not interesting. 01:27:31 - I was with it until the fence thing. Even Herbie couldn’t pull that off.


Oh dear. If you ignore the bad acting, and the fact that Herbie is criminally underused in a film where he is supposed to be the title character, then you have a story so formulaic, you can almost predict the next line before it happens. I knew it would be bad but I wanted to give it a chance. I wish I hadn’t.

Rating: 15

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