Star Trek Into Darkness

Published September 8, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

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  • Title Star Trek Into Darkness
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  • Year 2013
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Fast Facts

Title: Star Trek Into Darkness Director: J. J Abrams Year: 2013 Run time: 2 hrs 3 mins

Background Info

Been looking forward to this one for a while. Really enjoyed the first one, although thinking back I can’t remember too much of the specific plot details and the big twist that allows them to redo all the adventures still alludes me a little. But nevertheless, it’s not necessary to know that stuff, it’s just necessary to buckle up and prepare for the lens flare.

Live Blog

2:46 - Two minutes and already some “highly illogical” from Spock. 5:17 - I didn’t know the Enterprise was waterproof! 8:45 - This yellow and red planet is very pretty. 12:31 - All worlds collide - Sherlock talks to Mickey from Doctor Who in a Star Trek film. 14:28 - “I am Vulcan, Sir, we embrace technicality.” 26:21 - It seems pretty poor planning for them to be in a room with a window, instead of in a bunker somewhere. 37:32 - There can’t be a mission without Scotty! 44:27 - I like that they don’t have to order replacements. As soon as one yellow shirt moves to a new position, another one sneaks in their place. 45:05 - Did we see those red shirts just so we know those two are “red shirts”? 49:10 - It’d be fun if they came out the other end facing the other way, like the Bond mistake. 53:41 - The Klingon sword-weapon things are very cool. 57:34 - The prison with a glass wall is very Avengers. 1:07:28 - Silly question, if you are an engineer between jobs, can you just nab a ship and travel to whatever coordinates you like then? 1:17:37 - Warp speed chase! 1:26:00 - “I’m running, stand by.” 1:34:26 - Three chaps running through a space ship with guns. It’s like every boy’s dream! 1:45:34 - I like being able to actually see the misalignment. 1:51:55 - If Spock gets rage, that is real proper rage. 1:56:55 - Vulcan death grip!


The lens flare situation was much improved - it only crept in a little obnoxiously at the end. I liked getting suspicious of the characters and following their twists and turns as they proved to be good/bad/otherwise. I saw some complaints about over-use of CGI, which always baffles me when you’re talking about a film like this. However, I realised that I hadn’t noticed the CGI one way or the other which must surely be a good thing. Enjoyed the various dialogue scenes with Spock, and with Scotty, those two really make the films for me.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: Unrated

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