Film Watch - 346. Olympus Has Fallen

Published August 31, 2013

Fast Facts

Title: Olympus Has Fallen Director: Antoine Fuqua Year: 2013 Run time: 2hrs

Background Info

There are two “White House under attack” films out and about and the moment, and I’m confident we will watch them both. This one arrived on our screens first, with what appears to be a good cast, and plenty of explosions to entertain.

Live Blog

1:40 - Is that President Two-Face right there? 4:13 - “The package is on the move.” You can’t talk about the president like that. 9:11 - Ooh, that got pretty awful pretty quickly. 13:48 - So far so predictable. Guy in a tricky situation, gets demoted, is going to be needed for some major disaster action soon. 20:11 - Loving that security headquarters. Screens and computers aplenty! That would go well in our bunker. 23:08 - I wonder how accurate the White House security procedures are. Can’t be that true, otherwise they’re giving away all their secrets. 25:33 - Look at that bunker. Jealous. When do I get to be President? 33:12 - We’re only half an hour in and we have half-rage already. 41:49 - I get that the flag falling was the symbolic moment, but I think the fountain going off is up there too. 55:41 - “Right now I have the proverbial need to f***ing know.” 1:02:16 - Give the kid a gun. He’s played the games, he’s an idea how to defend himself. 1:06:58 - Spark plug is a cute nickname. 1:11:17 - Surely this should have been the latest Die Hard film instead of that other nonsense? Rogue guy, taking on the world. This is John! 1:19:08 - Don’t quite understand why he would have a change of heart like that, but it doesn’t seem too important. 1:19:25 - The defence woman is awesome. 1:22:53 - Why does no one listen?? 1:35:21 - Ooh, I love bonus Australian news! 1:46:34 - Ten seconds to save the earth and there’s no hashtag. Bloody Macs!


That last comment above was made in what was, hands down, one of the best moments of cinema for geeks there has ever been! We loved it!

Can’t say the same for the rest of the film, it was one of those that was glorious in its rubbishness, over-the-top nonsense. It was like the brilliance of disaster movies packed into the White House. It was filmed in Louisiana so almost all of it was green-screened up and you can tell.

It was a bit uncomfortable in places, but mostly enjoyable.

**Rating: **35

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