Film Watch - 338. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Published August 4, 2013

Fast Facts

Title: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Director: Jay Roach Year: 1997 Run time: 1hr 29m

Background Info

Going into this one, I was convinced that I liked the second movie more than the first, whereas Mr C was adamant it was the other way round. I put it down to having seen the second over and over, where I’ve only seen the original once. Either way, we both knew it was going to be good, particularly on a weekend evening with a glass of wine!

Live Blog

2:05 - Great theme tune. 3:47 - That union flag car must be like wearing the Ginger Spice dress. 7:15 - Going into space in a Big Boy isn’t quite like time travelling in a DeLorean. 13:49 - I’d forgotten just how bad Liz Hurley is! 18:36 - I think Mustafa is my favourite thing about these Austin Powers movies. 19:52 - Lucky Charms! 26:45 - I love Scott. So not the son an evil genius would want. 35:45 - I’d like to see the prospectus for evil medical school. Or maybe not. 42:29 - Aw, he’s a gentleman really. 43:32 - AOL You’ve Got Mail voice! Blast from the past or what? 50:46 - Naked Mr Bigglesworth is ridiculous. 53:42 - Actual Princess Leia! 54:54 - I wonder what form an evil petting zoo would take. Or maybe not. 1:02:07 - What is Christian Slater doing in this?? 1:08:04 - “I have one simple request, that is to have sharks with fricking laser beams attached to their heads.” 1:14:11 - I was wrong, the gazillion point turn might be my favourite bit. 1:18:54 - Crossed mojinations. 1:28:57 - I need to watch the Odd Job thing. There are references I’m not getting.


After the film, I think I err more on the side that the first IS better than the second. They’re almost the same film, so the original has to have the edge, and the second has some even less savoury stuff in there. Anyway, there’s so much to love about this. Mustafa, ill-tempered seabass, Scott’s evil tendencies, and heaps more. We had quite a good time ripping Liz Hurley’s performance… I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s in a James Bond film, putting in her best performance. Bless her.

**Rating: **55

Be Kind, Rewind - Oct 2015

Watching this after consuming the entire James Bond back catalogue made it an even stronger satire. I always loved Austin Powers anyway, but now having seen the source material, it takes the comedy to a new level. “Who throws a shoe?” was just a funny line before, but now it has meaning.

I really enjoyed the ill-tempered seabass line, and particularly Scott trying to kill off the spies in a more straight-forward manor. Liz Hurley is still terrible, and that scene where she has to multi-task acting and keeping an eye on the placement of certain props is hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

Great film, and now I’m keen to Film Watch the second Powers movie to see what other nods it gives to the Bond legacy.

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