Identity Thief

Published July 23, 2013

Identity Thief

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  • Title Identity Thief
  • Directors
  • Year 2013
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Fast Facts

Title: Identity Thief Director: Seth Gordon Year: 2013 Run time: 1hr 51m

Background Info

We’ve been loving Bateman’s work over the last year or so, and Melissa McCarthy had a great role in Bridesmaids. Putting the two together seemed like a great idea and the trailer looked amusing. After a hectic few days on holiday (the kind you need a week off to recover from), it was time to settle down on the sofa for some laughs.

Live Blog

1:22 - The first problem he has there is that he answered the phone in the first place! 4:30 - It was green! So gross. 6:37 - Jason Bateman does the bored guy in a suit look very well. 12:25 - Jeez, imagine purchasing a jet-ski on a whim! 15:17 - Did he manage to get any petrol though? 18:11 - Oh god, when they think that 5 to 10% is high, there’s some significant concerns. 21:12 - “That’s the new standard of police work, the criminal has to be standing right in front of you?” 30:03 - That is the weirdest fight I’ve ever seen. 39:36 - “visually enjoy” is an interesting way to put it. 48:55 - The question is how Bateman does these things with a straight face. 59:47 - She didn’t have a seat belt on! 1:05:38 - Oh, diabolical is such a good word. 1:07:36 - SNAKE ALERT! 1:14:08 - I love the train horn making his window finally shatter. 1:19:25 - “Some day you’re going to be replaced by somebody younger and cheaper, maybe even an app.” 1:26:50 - Does your name really get changed if your foster parents want it to? I didn’t think it was like getting a dog. 1:33:46 - “I don’t know anything about the people in the trunk.” 1:34:29 - WikiHow reference! 1:47:29 - I don’t know how people do those satisfied end-of-film smiles. I can’t even smile for a photo.


I think I had higher hopes for this one than it eventually delivered. The two leads are quite good, but their relationship doesn’t really get believable until towards the end. It also didn’t take long until it became a direct rip-off of Planes, Trains and Automobiles - an unwanted passenger, a pair thrust together by circumstance, making their way across America by any means possible. A heartwarming ending, etc, etc. It was good, it just wasn’t as great as it could have been.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: Unrated

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