Short Circuit 2

Published July 14, 2013

Short Circuit 2

Film info

  • Title Short Circuit 2
  • Directors
  • Year 1988
  • Run time
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Fast Facts

Title: Short Circuit 2 Director: Kenneth Johnson Year: 1988 Run time: 1hr 50m

Background Info

We watched the first Short Circuit film back in April, and there were bits of it which rang a bell but I didn’t recognise a lot of it. I figured I had only seen the sequel and not the first. So, when Short Circuit 2 appeared on Netflix, we were ready to watch it, catch up with Johnny 5, and decide whether I had seen it or not.

Live Blog

1:19 - These drums at the beginning remind me of Thunderbirds. 2:29 - I don’t know that robots would sell on the street would they? 3:09 - Having said that, I do want a tiny robot. So cute. 8:50 - “Your merchandise is running away.” 10:54 - Ooh, sparkly. 12:37 - Love that they think 1902 makes for a historic building. 18:07 - Johnny 5! 19:40 - “…whole city full of input…” 22:37 - Tarzan! What an awful wakeup call! 27:04 - Aww, megabytes. 33:59 - “The city is nice but people get angry easily.” 42:32 - Indignant Johnny 5 is fun. 46:28 - His small talk/chat up lines are very impressive. 50:31 - Ha, if there’s anything Johnny 5 is not, it is Average Joe. 1:01:30 - Controlling the sign, bless! 1:08:18 - “Then I got greedy… er.” 1:15:03 - Love that the taxi driver has got into the musical treasure hunt too. 1:19:31 - You can’t fly model planes in the city, surely? 1:23:27 - Oh god, it’s like when they killed off Ted halfway through. Shouldn’t be allowed. 1:25:13 - It’s a big city when you’re looking for just a little robot. 1:28:23 - “Buck the kicket.” 1:31:41 - Woah, that was robot rage! 1:34:08 - It’s like an early version of the Segway. 1:36:43 - Did they call him Johnny just so they could do the Here’s Johnny line? 1:45:06 - I just realised this woman looks just like Emma Watson. 1:46:33 - Not such a fan of the gold look, I must say!


I don’t remember much of this one either! Just like with the first, scenes rang a bell, like speed-reading books and leaking blood/oil/fluid everywhere, but I couldn’t have told you the plot or the characters or anything as it went along. It was fun, like the first, although I did think they pulled on the emotional strings a bit too much - if that countdown was such a big deal, and it did reach zero, he really shouldn’t have been able to come back, right?

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: Unrated

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