Die Hard with a Vengeance

Published June 15, 2013

Die Hard with a Vengeance

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  • Title Die Hard with a Vengeance
  • Directors
  • Year 1995
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Fast Facts

Title: Die Hard with a Vengeance Director: John McTiernan Year: 1995 Run time: 2hrs 11m

Background Info

I’ve seen the previous two Die Hards a couple of times, and in preparation for the fifth installment in the series, we wanted to catch up with the remaining two - which neither of us thought we had seen. It took an age to appear on iTunes in HD, but they brought it out eventually - presumably to encourage weirdos like us that like to watch things in the right order.

Live Blog

0:59 - We like to guess the cities. The yellow taxis always ruin the game! 3:46 - Fighting terrorists with a hangover, yea, that sounds like McLane. 10:51 - “I got a gun.” “They got ten guns.” 14:21 - It’s interesting seeing McLane in his normal working environment. 20:01 - It’s lovely to know your boss is on your side! 23:06 - Ah, it’s always fun to have mismatched partners forced together. 26:23 - Yay, I knew the riddle! 27:29 - This is like a high stakes version of Challenge Anneka. 32:48 - I can’t believe that you can just rip up the sidewalk and jump on a train. 36:31 - If a police person tells you to do something calmly, you sort of think there’s a reason to panic. 40:04 - Ooh, you know it is bad when the FBI get involved. 43:11 - “That thing in LA.” You can’t just write off a whole movie like that! 54:42 - “Heavens to Betsy!” 54:55 - Losing the plot a little bit. This is more complicated than the last two! 57:36 - Jeez, she’s terrifying. 1:01:30 - Gawd, I am loving these riddles. More films should need pausing to work out riddles. 1:05:12 - That was a sad realisation face, right there. 1:11:12 - Love that he wants to keep the gold. 1:12:47 - You can’t ask riddles of someone you just hijacked. They’re not that interested. 1:23:03 - $13 billion in one truck. It’s almost too much money for a deal to be relatable anyway. 1:26:58 - That’s brilliant - being blown out of a hole by water. Like a whale. 1:34:58 - “Oh boy, am I glad you talked me out of jumping!” 1:44:39 - There’s a bomb on the bus… boat. Whatever. 1:51:58 - He’s still on about the headache. 2:02:19 - I said about the phone as soon as it happened. Poor woman!


Complicated feelings about this one, which seems only right because it was a complicated movie! It certainly seemed to twist and turn a lot more than the others did, and it was quite a convoluted plot. The ending was a bit weird, too. But, having said all that, I really enjoyed the relationship between McLane and Zeus, their one-liners to each other were great throughout the film. The riddles were fun to play along with, particularly the water one, and overall it was just a fun movie to spend two hours with.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: Unrated

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