Film Watch - 320. I Give It a Year

Published June 11, 2013

Fast Facts

Title: I Give It a Year Director: Dan Mazer Year: 2013 Run time: 1hr 37m

Background Info

Had never heard of this one until it appeared on iTunes all of a sudden. As soon as we saw the trailer, we downloaded it and wanted to watch it as soon as possible. Compared to some of the other films that have been on our list for ages, we managed to squeeze this one in very quickly!

Live Blog

2:47 - Loving Stephen Merchant. 4:11 - Is there a best man’s speech in a film that actually isn’t excruciating? 6:21 - Wow, Anna Faris is severely made-under! 10:51 - Loads of people in this one, gonna be face-spotting throughout! 11:43 - “You have mentioned it but I’ve never heard of him.” 16:50 - I’m not a big fan of the wife, it’s fair to say. 19:40 - It’s good casting, I think. 29:31 - He sits down a lot, she gets the words to songs a lot. This sounds worryingly like us. 30:03 - “If you can’t sing it right, don’t sing at all.” 36:32 - She wants him to mingle, but is equally totally embarrassed by him. Not great. 43:03 - What do you call the little sweets that look like mini fried eggs? 44:42 - I like that there’s been a Christmas party, and he’s thinking about Christmas shopping but so far the film has not been too Christmassy. 51:01 - This actress is so brave, with all these birds flying around! 1:03:35 - My god, I’ve been frozen in agony throughout all these Christmas scenes. 1:06:45 - Jeez, these two. The real question is how they ever got together. 1:07:15 - Oh my god, he is not a catch. 1:15:46 - “We built this city on the wrong damn road.” 1:19:29 - He tapped her on the shoulder with chopsticks! 1:27:57 - What is with all the covers?


Brilliant! So funny, loved it. Enjoyed with a glass of wine which made it all the better. So many funny bits and pieces, great quotables that we’re going to say to each other now, and a worrying amount of it that we related to. It felt very Gavin & Stacey, as in the main couple were amusing but it was really the cast and characters around them that made the best scenes.

As a side note, I was happy they didn’t make Anna Faris over to look a bit less hippy in the end, I could have sworn that was going to happen.

The very last scene was a tad corny, but overall, recommended. I’d give it a five out of five, except the music was annoying - I’m not sure why every great song they chose had to be covered by a female voice so that they all sounded the same.

**Rating: **45

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