Playing for Keeps

Published June 2, 2013

Playing for Keeps

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  • Title Playing for Keeps
  • Directors
  • Year 2012
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Fast Facts

Title: Playing for Keeps Director: Gabriele Muccino Year: 2012 Run time: 1hr 45m

Background Info

I wasn’t all that bothered about watching this one, except that it has Gerard Butler in and I quite like him. I didn’t know very much about it, apart from viewing the trailer a long while ago. It wasn’t high on the list but was perfect for a mindless bit of screen-time after a long day.

Live Blog

0:37 - I don’t think he’s actually playing in that football footage, you know. 3:41 - He’d get more than $300 for that fancy car. 4:58 - “It’s more than a couple of weeks, it’s a plethora of weeks.” 9:37 - He made a demo in the shirt-on-top, nothing underneath fashion. 11:16 - He’s muscling in! So much for respecting the coach. 11:37 - I totes knew you shouldn’t kick it with your toes. Go me! 15:12 - They looked him up on YouTube. 19:29 - I love that they all have their little football kits. Bless. 25:58 - All this film is doing is showing me how humungous the cars are in the US. 29:50 - I think Barb is my favourite. Only one step away from total meltdown. 33:18 - He’s just given away a Ferrari for a few days. As you do. 36:20 - Who backpacks around England? 39:41 - Ooh, 47:56 - “Wait, ESPN… like, the ESPN?” 52:21 - He is still driving the Ferrari. Did the guy never want it back? 1:03:54 - “..a ticking time-bomb with the charming accent…” 1:05:03 - Awww, look at his little frowny face. 1:12:47 - I know it is Gerard Butler and he’s gorge and all, but I’m not convinced by the number of women throwing themselves at him in this film. 1:15:03 - ESP-bloody-N. 1:19:43 - How does he know which shop she’s in, and also, you can’t just walk into people’s changing rooms. 1:25:30 - I’m sure the parents might have complained about his choice of pre-match language by now. 1:33:59 - I always feel a tiny bit bad for bland new-husband. They can’t honestly be that dull, or they’d not be in the frame at all. 1:36:16 - He’s hoping to find another sports broadcaster… in Virginia??


Not really very good at all. There weren’t many particularly sympathetic characters, and I was aghast at how all the soccer mom’s were portrayed. I know that’s a stereotype but it wasn’t handled well at all! The pace of the film was odd, it was predictable and had a very abrupt ending. I wasn’t really expecting it to be good, and even so it was disappointing.

**Rating: **2/5

Rating: Unrated

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