Confessions of a Shopaholic

Published May 7, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic

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  • Title Confessions of a Shopaholic
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  • Year 2009
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Fast Facts

Title: Confessions of a Shopaholic Director: P. J. Hogan Year: 2009 Run time: 1hr 44m

Background Info

This one has been on our radar a bit, it was available to watch on Netflix, I was a bit fond of Isla from Home and Away, and we wanted something different to cleanse the palette after the fight-fest that was Jack Reacher. I can be a bit sniffy about rom-coms but sometimes they’re just what the doctor ordered.

Live Blog

1:04 - I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to relate to this film. I’ve only felt that looking into bookshops! 2:24 - “If a man doesn’t fit, you can’t exchange him seven days later.” 9:04 - He’s a brilliant receptionist, love him. 12:24 - Jeez, I’m bad at interviews but this is a whole other level! 14:23 - “Why do so many of your excuses involve Finland?” 18:42 - He’s quite cute, why has he not been in anything else? He’s like a younger Colin Firth. 22:16 - Oh, it’s all so gloriously awkward. 24:57 - Those bags that suck all the air out for better packing freak me out a bit. 33:08 - This is starting to remind me of Sex and the City, lots of writing about fashion as though it has a bigger meaning on life. 36:02 - Oh no, why is she lying? 40:20 - Wedding dresses are good for hiding. 43:22 - Oh god, she doesn’t actually speak Finnish. I saw that coming a mile off. 46:26 - “You have to strike with precision and get out.” 50:45 - Her shoes don’t match anything… I do not get fashion 57:30 - You know it’s bad when you can turn an entire -aholics crowd. 59:13 - I love they put Rehab in the elevator music! 1:13:58 - “Who knew that debt could be so much fun?” I don’t think it can be for much longer. 1:19:17 - It’d make a good column to see someone claw their way out of debt, I’m sure. 1:22:14 - John Goodman steals the show in every film he’s in. 1:37:43 - “You sold all your clothes, and kept THAT?”


Enjoyed this one! It has its predictable elements, boy meets girl, girl embarrasses herself then meets boy again as he turns out to be her new boss. Kooky friend. Big debt collector/stalker. You know how it is. It was nice that this had enough elements to make it individual to most run-of-the-mill romantic comedies, it was funny and super awkward throughout. The British guy was cute as a button, which always helps, too.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: Unrated

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