Film Watch - 310. Seven Psychopaths

Published April 24, 2013

Fast Facts

Title: Seven Psychopaths Director: Martin McDonagh Year: 2012 Run time: 1hr 50m

Background Info

Saw the trailer for this one a long while ago and thought it looked quite quirky and interesting. Great cast too, so as we were casting around for some different things to watch, we decided to go for it!

Live Blog

1:51 - I enjoy gangster small talk. 3:30 - Is that Henry off Dawson’s Creek? Or should I say was that him? 6:49 - That’s an evil genius type of business model! 9:07 - “What happens to them at the end?” “I don’t know what happens to them at the start.” 10:48 - I don’t know how people can do so much writing on these yellow legal pads. So yellow! 20:11 - The best arguments end with someone just saying “shut up” and storming off! 23:36 - “I don’t have a drinking problem, I just like drinking.” 23:47 - That is the cutest dog ever. 25:51 - It takes the edge off the menace of these gangsters, that when they exit their cars there’s the ‘door open’ ping. 32:59 - You have to ponder if you have a drinking problem when you make a cup of tea for your guest and open another bottle of beer for yourself! 43:29 - They must have gone through an awful lot of fake blood making this film. 52:45 - It’s fun when people say “I feel like it was all my fault,” and IT IS. 58:25 - “Life affirming, schmife affirming.” 1:03:11 - That does seem a pretty beautiful place to be writing. 1:08:10 - Worst Irish accent ever. Hilarious. 1:16:11 - “I’ve labelled these guns up for you…” 1:17:27 - I can’t imagine that Jon Ronson had any of this kind of trouble. 1:25:11 - Good fun to see someone not scared by the “put your hands up” line! 1:35:33 - That dog is the star of the film. Well, maybe not, but still. 1:40:54 - It’s Walken, the star. 1:42:33 - “You didn’t think I was serious, just because I carry a rabbit?”


This was different to what I was expecting, but not bad at all. It occasionally teetered on the edge of ridiculous and “not for us” but then it was also very funny in places and brought it right back. I thought some of the shooting scenes were a bit much, but then again, it was very much tongue-in-cheek and self aware. A movie within a movie and all that. Overall, not perfect but quite enjoyable.

**Rating: **35

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