31. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Published January 25, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Director: Andrew Adamson Year: 2005 Run time: 2hrs 10

Background Info

What is up with the ridiculously long name? Over Christmas, the iPlayer had a veritable feast of children’s films, which I wasn’t adverse to watching. Sometimes you just need to sit and view something that isn’t going to tax you too much. Although I know of Narnia and the wardrobe and the lion, etc, I never really knew the whole story.

Live Blog

00:02:41 - Next time, perhaps they could keep the picture in the shelter. Or have a bag ready to bring with them, waiting by the door. 00:03:33 - Being the eldest sucks a little bit, doesn’t it? “Promise me you’ll look after the others.” No pressure then! 00:04:49 - This is quite a depressing start to a film. 00:09:11 - Would they really be able to keep four children together? 00:11:37 - That doesn’t look like a wardrobe from a distance to me. How did she know it had a door and where the handle was? 00:15:36 - I feel like it is quite rude to say to someone “What are you?” even if they do have hooves. 00:17:17 - He must be cold, running about topless like that. 00:22:26 - Ah, now he has a scarf on. Much warmer, I’m sure. 00:27:31 - Far be it for me to be grown up about these things, but you’d need some pretty good insulation if your wardrobe led out to winter all the time. 00:31:10 - Ugh. Turkish Delight is gross. 00:40:33 - Imagine the snowman you could build with all that snow! 00:45:09 - Hehe, that’s Dawn French… as a beaver! 00:49:50 - The castle seemed a lot further away when he was looking at the peaks. It took the Lord of the Rings people days and days to travel that sort of distance. 00:53:22 - Couldn’t she just kill the boy and that would still ruin the prophecy? 01:04:15 - I can’t say I run across frozen lakes very often, but I would have thought the big fur coats were a hindrance. 01:11:27 - That sword is wobbling a little bit too much. I call fake. 01:21:58 - Father Christmas gave him the sword, does he instinctively know what to do with it? Or was that a gift as well? 01:28:23 - The Queen wouldn’t just ride straight into the heart of enemy territory, would she? 01:44:21 - Quite a lot of this film reminds me of Lord of the Rings. 01:45:21 - How come she isn’t icy any more? I thought she preferred it that way and that’s why the snow was everywhere. She could at least be wearing her white dress. 01:47:01 - Look at the cute beaver in his armour! 02:02:37 - Are they just going to stay there and be Kings and Queens forever? What about their mum? Ah. Maybe not.


Wow, this film drags on a bit. It wasn’t even that long and still the story was quite drawn out. What is essentially a bit of a battle managed to fill over two hours. I don’t really understand why the children felt so compelled to get involved, really, it’s not like they didn’t have enough going on in their lives! Still, the snow looked good, and the ice palace was fun.

Rating: 25

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