Coyote Ugly

Published April 17, 2013

Coyote Ugly

Film info

  • Title Coyote Ugly
  • Director David McNally
  • Year 2000
  • Run time 1hr 40m
  • Genres Music, Romance, Drama, Comedy
  • Tagline This party never ends

With an unbeatable cast of hot stars including Piper Perabo and Maria Bello, this sexy comedy is even more intoxicating. Moving to New York to pursue her dreams of becoming a famous songwriter, Violet Sanford (Perabo) finds herself desperate and broke. Ironically, the shy, innocent Violet lands a job as a barmaid at the hottest nightclub in town: Coyote Ugly. Overflowing with attitude, the Coyotes spend more time on top of the bar than behind it, tantalizing the standing-room-only crowd with their outrageous antics!

Fast Facts

Title: Coyote Ugly Director: David McNally Year: 2000 Run time: 1hr 40m

Background Info

I’ve seen this before but a long time ago so that I only really recalled the dancing on the bar. Mr C had not seen it, and for some reason chose this as the very first movie he bought on iTunes. He never got round to watching it and then became obsessed with HD. When the HD version became available, he bought it again, and still never watched it. Finally, it became available on Netflix, and finally we watched it. He’s bought it twice and we still managed to watch a “free” version instead.

Live Blog

2:19 - 42 miles is nothing. Why are they making such a fuss? 7:21 - You don’t get much apartment for your money in New York. 9:17 - She went to the roof, which seems a bit extreme when she could have put headphones on. 10:49 - The actual Calling. 14:00 - “I’m almost sure I would have told you.” 18:10 - Welcome to New York. 21:41 - “Do you do any drugs?” “Just coffee.” 23:47 - If I saw that, and it was described as slow, I’d be turning right round and back out the door. 26:51 - Beer or whiskey, I guess. 27:56 - They do make a heck of a mess pouring like that. 30:47 - That looks like a lean cuisine bucket to me. 33:59 - Sliding along the bar worries me, I would so end up in a heap on the floor. 38:00 - The whole megaphone thing is really unfair on those actually sitting on the bar. 42:55 - “It’s not cute, it’s very rugged and manly. Just a bit geeky.” 47:26 - There’s a cat sitting by an open window, where pigeons are perched on the ledge. Something is wrong with this picture. 57:39 - The question is, where did he get all the cardboard cutouts from? 1:01:58 - ER reference! 1:04:58 - That’s a particularly bad night for a parental visit though. 1:10:22 - She appears to have turned into Julia Roberts. 1:14:26 - “I think he was the perfect choice for my first marriage.” 1:23:43 - Apparently that’s Logic. It looks even worse than it is now. 1:29:04 - “Break a leg, sweetie,” says the man with the broken leg.


I like this one, I think when I watched this the first time I had a bit of a thing for Adam Garcia, so that always helps. Not so much anymore, but I still quite liked their relationship developing - it wasn’t as corny as it could have been, and they had some good dialogue between them. Having seen Rock of Ages relatively recently, the two struck me as very similar, it’s just this one didn’t have as much breaking into song musical-style.

In fact, the only downside to the movie is that John Goodman was the best one in it, and he was… sort of… tangential to the main plot.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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