Silver Linings Playbook

Published April 12, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

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  • Title Silver Linings Playbook
  • Directors
  • Year 2012
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Fast Facts

Title: Silver Linings Playbook Director: David O. Russell Year: 2012 Run time: 2hrs 2m

Background Info

Been looking forward to this one for a while, after seeing the trailer yonks ago. Then it was super hyped up through all the Oscars, and everyone fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence, including me. With Bradders and Jennifer sharing screen time, this had to be good!

Live Blog

2:06 - Bit early for the emotional/uplifting music, I’d say. 5:37 - I feel the “What’s more American than…” argument could go on forever. 8:37 - Finding the silver lining seems like a respectable way to live. 11:27 - Quite amazing really, the slightly wobbly camerawork just going in a circle makes it more manic than it would be otherwise. 16:18 - Bipolar judges OCD. 21:51 - “Get a strategy.” 24:23 - People are telling him secrets, but we know he can’t keep them. 26:26 - “They think I’m gonna call Nikki. I would call Nikki.” 28:23 - I love Jennifer’s laugh, all throaty and stuff. 32:29 - I do understand the idea of your mind going full tilt at all hours, but where does he get the energy from!? 41:37 - I would not be able to keep up with him, running-wise. 44:11 - Cereal on a first date is genius. Easy to eat and says a lot about you too! 50:37 - Harsh, he didn’t do anything. 53:41 - He numbers his envelopes! 59:13 - I like her coat. I need a new coat. 1:05:31 - “I’m good with a hammer, need me to fix anything?” 1:16:11 - Oh my god. Don’t bet everything. Never bet everything. 1:22:46 - “Don’t drink too much, don’t hit anybody, you’ll be fine.” 1:33:08 - Thank god someone needed the parlay bet explained. 1:45:09 - Again, she’s totally harsh when he didn’t actually do anything.


Incredible film. Some great acting from the outset, really showed the struggles of mental illness from both sides. Bradley was on top form, and Jennifer had a spiky vulnerability that was fascinating. Enjoyed the story, some moving scenes, intriguing twists and turns, plus a happy ending that wasn’t soppy.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: Unrated

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