Film Watch - 303. Here Comes the Boom

Published April 2, 2013

Fast Facts

Title: Here Comes the Boom Director: Frank Coraci Year: 2012 Run time: 1hr 45m

Background Info

I’m not entirely sure what it is that made me want to watch this movie, I don’t tend to like wrestling/boxing and that’s quite a big part of it! It did look funny in places though, I particularly like the missed basketball jump in the trailer.

Live Blog

2:04 - Do they lock school gates once everyone is inside? 6:32 - Being an orchestra teacher means you can order a drum roll at any moment! 11:06 - Argh, education budgets suck. 12:55 - $48,000 is a pretty big totaliser. 18:26 - What kind of insult is ostrich? 21:51 - I’m not sure I could stay in a room with a loose ferret. Don’t those things crawl up your legs? 23:43 - “I think I can do this!” “Do what?” “Lose!” 28:09 - Ah, he described it as unique. That’s not always a good thing. 32:41 - I need a vault in my mind. 39:40 - From a knockout in the first match, he’s doing a lot better this time! 44:51 - Ohh, is that where the title comes from? I bring the boom. 48:22 - I think that was almost rage. Like… cage rage. 51:51 - It’s lucky he has a nurse friend at the school, or this fighting business could get expensive. 56:39 - Hehehe, “I always wanted to try this.” They don’t say that on Casualty! 59:33 - If there’s anything worse than big oversize headphones, it’s big oversize yellow headphones! 1:01:11 - He was actually rumbling! Like, “Let’s get ready to…” 1:07:04 - Inspiration, with a touch of vandalism. 1:18:22 - You can’t eat cheesecake in front of someone and deprive them, that’s just cruel. 1:24:59 - I love that he comes with his own orchestra! 1:31:51 - He just ran up the wall. It’s like he’s in the Matrix. 1:37:27 - Okay, so, that’s not rage. That’s a whole new level of something.


I think I was in a bit of a weird place watching this because I could see that it was a bit funny but nothing special, and yet I was laughing like a crazy person. The bit with the gym ball had me in tears. So, chalk it up to overwork, exhaustion, or the glass of wine I had alongside me, but I really enjoyed it. The wrestling was a bit much at times, particularly in the big finale, but I can’t exactly moan about that because it is the premise of the whole film. Ultimately feel good, amusing along the way, and happy endings all round. Not much to complain about.

**Rating: **45

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