30. The Santa Clause

Published January 24, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: The Santa Clause Director: John Pasquin Year: 1994 Run time: 1hr 30

Background Info

A nice Christmassy film that works very well now that we are almost at the end of January. Eh-hem, sorry about that. Mr C tried to put me off this one with concerns about the CGI, but I was willing to give it a go anyway.

Live Blog

00:01:38 - A toy called “Do It All Dolly”? That’s not great. 00:04:35 - I recognise that kid from somewhere. Still, at least it’s not Macaulay Culkin. 00:07:50 - I have only ever seen fire blankets in kitchens, never a full extinguisher. 00:09:36 - Is that what Dad’s do? Take their kids to restaurants when they burn the food? 00:11:27 - I remember Mr C and I having a massive argument about the concept of reindeers flying. We do stuff like that. 00:13:16 - The kid learns fast. He’s using a new word in the correct context in just a few hours. 00:15:52 - Does Santa’s suit shrink to fit, then? 00:18:12 - Oooh, wow, there are those dodgy flying reindeer graphics. 00:19:33 - The things you do for your kids! 00:22:33 - I didn’t know that the reindeers communicated like that. I don’t know what I thought, though. Maybe telepathy. 00:23:56 - He’s ready to ruin a lot of children’s dreams for years to come. 00:27:17 - The password to the North Pole is 1-2-3-9. Just sayin’. 00:30:06 - I recognise that kid too. Gah, I hate watching films. 00:34:20 - Surely Santa doesn’t have a lot of work to do in the year. It seems to be all down to the poor elves. 00:35:22 - That kid has his shoes on the bed! Boo. 00:37:21 - There’s a polar bear directing the traffic? I want to go to the North Pole. 00:39:53 - Woah, he can’t actually be in the snow with bare feet? Cold, cold, cold! 00:40:48 - Ooh, there’s a racing car on the coffee table. Doesn’t look like an F1 car though… sorry, wrong blog! 00:44:01 - The psychiatrist will have a field day with that kid’s story. 00:46:00 - There’s a polar bear swimming. I want to go to that zoo. 00:48:40 - “Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” 00:53:29 - That is a lot of desserts. Mr C is like that, though. I think he would only order desserts if he could get away with it. 01:05:25 - You would think the child would be able to keep a secret. ****01:18:09 - Aww, they put in a little ‘don’t try jumping off roof tops’ message for the kids. ****01:27:27 - He must have some real catching up to do after all that messing about.


If you ignore the really bad reindeer flying graphics, then the film is actually alright. It’s an interesting take on the Santa story, and it has enough real life stuff to counter the quite fantastical idea of a polar bear directing the traffic. You have to suspend your disbelief, but it does promote the nice message that Santa does indeed exist.

Rating: 35

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