Ocean's Eleven

Published May 4, 2009

Ocean's Eleven

Film info

  • Title Ocean's Eleven
  • Director Steven Soderbergh
  • Year 2001
  • Run time 1hr 56m
  • Genres Crime, Thriller
  • Tagline Are you in or out?

Hollywood’s A list stars come together to pull off the most daring heist Las Vegas has ever known...11 men, 3 casinos, 150 million dollars, 1 chance to pull it off. It will take brilliant planning, shrewd scheming, cunning disguises, truckloads of technology and just a little bit of luck. But how do you fleece one of the most ruthless Casino operators in town?...and how do you break into vaults that no-one has even got near before? If it works, this will be the scam of their lives. Loaded with witty dialogue, packed with daring action and featuring a truly clever script, this is going to be one night Vegas never forgets.

Live blog

0:07 Oooh, widescreen is weird.
0:33 Soon get used to it though.
1:03 I wonder who those voices are at the beginning, and whether they go about saying I was that prison warder voice at the beginning of Ocean’s Eleven.
1:44 This is a film in which the music really helps set the tone.
7:00 I like film stars acting like themselves (sort of).
8:35 The two most unfeasibly beautiful men in the same room at the same time. How could you not like this film?
16:07 That’s a nice shot - lights, fountain, spray of money… um… shot man.
18:21 It’s cleverly done to introduce so many characters in such a short space of time and not be dull or confusing.
24:17 This is a man after my own heart: “So why don’t you take vitamins?” rather than eat an orange.
28:30 Las Vegas is just so sparkly. I wonder what it’s like in real life.
32:16 Groundhog! Seriously, are there elements of Groundhog Day in every single film I’m going to watch?
35:12 I get that Brad Pitt’s thing is eating in this film, I’m not sure there’s a scene where he doesn’t have something to munch on. But how did he not get fat during filming?
41:01 They always say that the handshake is really important.
45:15 Is it really possible that he wouldn’t have realised Tess was going out with him? I thought they were supposed to be doing research!
50:46 I do enjoy the conversation between Danny and Tess. So few words but so much meaning.
55:15 Another man after my own heart - watching it on TV when it’s happening right behind you.
58:36 It’s lucky that that pinch thing happened to be in CA and not halfway across the world.
1:03:25 I have never really understood why they stage this part. Is it to convince Linus to do it? Or are they just not having enough fun as it is?
1:04:51 Argh! If it wasn’t so amusing, that unfinished sentence would bug me forever.
1:10:06 I know we are supposed to hate him and he is not a nice man, but Benedict’s efficient way does appeal to me. It’s very calming, despite the fact it’s all going to go wrong for him any second.
1:12:06 Surely it won’t be long before someone finds that dinner stuff in the lift? Questions would be asked.
1:17:57 It does take the edge off a film if you know which bits are cons.
1:22:39 How can those little zip wire things be strong enough to hold them? I wouldn’t trust it for a second, especially not above a lift shaft and especially not one that is rigged up to an alarm system.
1:28:42 Ugh, that’s like cotton wool… ripping… ooh, sets my teeth on edge.
1:30:07 How can you not have a cellphone?
1:34:00 I always thought minibar was one word.
1:37:35 She’s not watching TV like she was told to.
1:45:15 Those SWAT vans ain’t pretty.
1:45:36 I don’t like this bit with the music and the fountains but I’m not sure how else they could do it without being smug.
1:50:00 Who’s Ted Nugent? Googles
1:51:16 There are an awful lot of cars in that car park and only one man appears to be being released. Are they all “just visiting”?


I have seen this film before, a couple of times perhaps, and knew that I liked it going in. The trouble was, I couldn’t remember what happens in it, but it didn’t take long for it to come flooding back. I suspect this is one of those films that is much better watching as if it’s new.

Nevertheless, it’s a great film that’s even worth watching more than once despite knowing the inside story before it happens. A great ensemble cast, nicely paced action, and it all turns out right in the end. Plus, who doesn’t love a good con movie?

Rating: 5 / 5

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