297. Looper

Published February 17, 2013

297. Looper

Film info

  • Title Looper
  • Directors
  • Year 2012
  • Run time
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Fast Facts

Title: Looper Director: Rian Johnson Year: 2012 Run time: 1hr 59m

Background Info

Time travel!! We’ve been waiting for this one for a while, mostly from the very first moment we set eyes on the trailer and saw Bruce Willis appear from nowhere. Sold! It’s taken a while, but we finally got round to watching it, and revelling in the time travel goodness.

Live Blog

1:12 - Cor, French verb tables. That takes me back. 5:58 - Are we really going to have mutated in just thirty years? 9:30 - This seems like a really boring job. 13:37 - LENS FLARE RAGE. 14:45 - I cannot hear three knocks anymore without thinking “Penny.” 20:28 - “I’m from the future, you should go to China.” 28:37 - Why didn’t they put a hood on him? Is it just so we could see it was Bruce? 32:54 - I quite like speed movie-ing! 38:23 - it’s definitely noodling my mind but I like it. Mmm, time travel. 44:47 - If Bruce shouts it doesn’t matter, then the time travel explanation DOESN’T MATTER. 51:19 - He’s fighting the bad guys and himself. 57:07 - I feel really bad for that minion. Is that meant to happen? 1:07:16 - Dude, I wouldn’t have thought even Bruce could get away with shooting kids. 1:16:40 - There is surely only one acceptable response to “you’re not my mother!” 1:28:13 - Awesome idea to have protective man come running at the push of a button and/or frog. 1:34:40 - That was some epic kid rage. 1:40:23 - Argh, I thought they’d put the minion out of his misery. I can’t stand it! 1:48:11 - The child somehow manages to switch between crazy cute and crazy terrifying.


Overall, I really enjoyed it. Lens flare aside, it was beautiful to look at, arty but not overly so. The acting was great, dialogue strong, and the concept a great one. I’ve seen heaps of complaints about plot holes and paradoxes, but mostly I can put those aside and enjoy the story.

In fact, my only two complaints in terms of plot holes are thus - 1) The premise of the film is about murder being very difficult in the future, but the clean-up chaps waste no time in killing Bruce’s wife and 2) When Joseph G-L turns up at the farm, he’s having withdrawal but a glass of water and he’s fine. That’s a good kind of drug!

It was a bit dark in places, a bit violent on occasion, but mostly a good film, an intriguing way of spending two hours.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: Unrated

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