29. Six Days, Seven Nights

Published January 23, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Six Days, Seven Nights Director: Ivan Reitman Year: 1998 Run time: 1hr 35

Background Info

I watched a lot of films over Christmas, and I need to do a bit of a catchup. Over the next week or so, I’ll post a Film Watch every day. I don’t really want to spam the blog with them, but there’s a mixture of good and bad films that need to be discussed!

Live Blog

00:01:32 - People don’t wear berets often enough. 00:03:09 - It’s Ross! ****00:04:11 - I wouldn’t like it if Mr C talked to my boss behind my back. 00:08:08 - That is a scary plane. The price you pay for paradise. 00:09:52 - She is very skinny. 00:14:29 - The contrast between sunny island and snowy New York is good. 00:18:35 - A rickety old plane. A storm brewing. I wonder. 00:21:35 - Wow. It took him a long time to get over missing her, didn’t it? 00:28:21 - Phone signal can never be relied upon, can it? 00:34:18 - If my fiancé had a plane crash, I wouldn’t be getting in no plane. 00:36:23 - She must have seen a pig before. 00:41:41 - Being that kind of shipwrecked (airwrecked?) doesn’t seem all so bad. Why is she so cranky? She even has alcohol! 00:44:39 - “I’ve flown with you twice, you’ve crashed half the time.” 00:51:20 - They are lucky the life raft didn’t get punctured when it exploded in the plane. 01:00:09 - Blimey. That’s an enormous drop! He’s a sensible man for getting a kiss in first. 01:05:16 - He left! I kinda don’t believe that. 01:06:19 - They are all so faithful. This is most unusual in films… maybe not. 01:14:16 - If just cuddling up to someone can make you think up elaborate plans like that, there should be more cuddling. 01:18:12 - They are not very bright people - shooting upwards. Honestly. 01:20:40 - There must be a less populated area of the island she could have aimed for. 01:22:43 - A cup of tea after a major incident is so British! 01:26:07 - He would make a good receptionist, I think. 01:28:54 - I can’t quite believe the ring survived a deserted island escapade and is not only unscathed but also very shiny.


This is such a terrible film, with weird characters that make strange decisions. However, I do like some of the dialogue, and even though the hate-turned-love story is so clichéd, the insults are quite fun. I also really like Ross being in it.

Rating: 25

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