Arthur Christmas

Published December 25, 2012

Arthur Christmas

Film info

  • Title Arthur Christmas
  • Directors Sarah Smith, Brian Cook
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 37m
  • Genres Drama, Family, Comedy, Animation
  • Tagline Ever wonder how 2 billion presents get delivered all in 1 night?

How CAN Santa deliver billions of presents to the whole world in just one night? With an army of one million combat-style Field Elves and a vast, state-of-the-art control center under the ice of the North Pole! So how could this incredible operation have MISSED one child?! To Santa’s young son, Arthur, it threatens to end the magic of Christmas. With retired Grandsanta, a rebellious young elf, an old sleigh and some untrained reindeer, Arthur sets out in a crazy mission to deliver the last present!

Fast Facts

Title: Arthur Christmas Director: Sarah Smith, Brian Cook Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 37m

Background Info

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit as best as possible, and Arthur Christmas has been available on iTunes for a while, just in time for the festive season. I didn’t know much about the actual story, only seeing a trailer where Arthur was bouncing about trying to hide things in the snow.

Live Blog

1:45 - Excellent Google Earth mention. 4:50 - 1st Field Elf Battalion. 5:20 - Santa brings a Grand Piano?? I want! 7:27 - That is brilliant. What an operation. 10:24 - We need a Mission Control like that. Look at that video wall! 14:16 - Grand-santa, and pet reindeer. 16:10 - Hugh Laurie’s character looks like how I imagine animated Paul Hollywood would look. 17:50 - Steve, that’s his name. Steve Christmas, presumably. 25:14 - “No! The S1 has just travelled seven million miles! We could damage it.” 25:36 - Gift wrap support seems like an okay gig. 26:13 - “Arthur, Christmas is not a time for emotion.” 28:38 - Santa’s name is Malcolm?? 31:59 - Bambi and John. John Deer(e)? 36:16 - “Fish!” 39:21 - He left the door open and a polar bear got in! 48:45 - I did enjoy the floating elephants. Not a sentence I ever thought I’d write. 53:40 - There’s something to be said for S1 after all. 1:01:24 - That is a massive belly that Santa has. 1:05:24 - Phew. No burning of santa letters! 1:08:11 - “I have to worry, it’s the only thing I’m good at!” 1:12:11 - I think I might have to start using piffle. 1:13:53 - There’s a delete Christmas button? 1:19:27 - That Versace Santa suit is quite awful. 1:21:36 - There’s an actual Co-op… weird animation product placement. 1:28:55 - Slo-mo squirrel got wrapped!


I liked this, but it wasn’t spectacular. A perfectly serviceable animation, nice and festive, feel-good story, with a few funny lines along the way. I did like the concept of Santa’s business as a military-style operation, and the gadgets, Mission Control, and spaceship style transport were very well done.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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