The Sting

Published October 28, 2012

The Sting

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  • Title The Sting
  • Directors
  • Year 1973
  • Run time
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Fast Facts

Title: The Sting Director: George Roy Hill Year: 1973 Run time: 2hrs 9m

Background Info

I’ve seen this film a gazillion billion times and I absolutely adore it. I love the con man genre (Hustle, etc) and this one also holds fond memories because my dad introduced me to it. Mr C and I were feeling a bit run down on Saturday, so settled in for an afternoon on the sofa - and this makes a perfect afternoon film.

Live Blog

0:25 - Wooo, the Entertainer. One of the only songs I can play on the piano from memory. 1:24 - I like credits/titles that show you the character next to their names. 6:04 - I’m always confused by the people that chew on the toothpicks. I would hurt myself! 8:44 - Snazzy new suit that looks very similar to the previous one! 11:05 - Oh people and their gambling ways. 12:26 - Awesome cars. 17:20 - “I’m getting too old for this racket. You hang on too long, you start embarrassing yourself.” 19:49 - Naughty policeman. Why is it so easy to feel sorry for these conmen even though they are thieves? 22:13 - Why are their phoneboxes indoors? 23:58 - That’s Ye Olde Rage. 29:09 - Where do you get massive blocks of ice like that? I want one! 31:35 - “Cos I don’t know enough about killin' to kill him.” 40:36 - Dear me. Why won’t he own up to the fake money? These people are helping him out? 48:28 - Trains with compartments are the best. 50:06 - Earlier, Hooker tossed out a full bottle of wine. Now this is half a bottle of gin down the sink. So much alcohol wasted. 57:03 - I hate this bit because I still haven’t got my head around poker. 1:06:00 - “If I’m not there by quarter to two, I’m not coming.” 1:11:32 - It’s quite fun that they all wear hats. 1:26:42 - Ooh, I love last minute cons, that’s what Hustle do all the time. 1:30:55 - Why are all the doors to these diners on the diagonal? 1:33:30 - Whenever they say Gondorff, I keep thinking Gandalf. 1:40:51 - Running down alleyways is like people running up to the roof. Never works out well! 1:44:28 - “You stink, Mister.” These are my kind of insults. 1:54:12 - Imagine having half a million just turning up at your desk like that. Mmmm, money.


Naturally, I went into this film knowing I loved it, and it was quite fun to be watching with Mr C who hadn’t seen it before. This time I got to be the one who answered the questions and had all the knowledge - that very rarely happens! Anyway, I love it so it’s only ever going to get a five out of five from me. It is slightly longer than I remember, but the twists and turns along the way make it so worth it.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: Unrated

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