27. Blade Runner

Published January 2, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Blade Runner Director: Ridley Scott Year: 1982 Run time: 1hr 57

Background Info

Another iPlayer movie that I wouldn’t have watched if Mr C hadn’t proclaimed it as one of his favourite films. We watched it together, with some wine and chocolate. Good times.

Live Blog

00:02:38 - That is a lot of information to begin with. 00:05:51 - Why would a tortoise be in the desert? 00:07:17 - This is just ten years away. Where are my flying cars and stuff? 00:07:51 - When there are flying cars, I hope we have something better than umbrellas. 00:10:00 - If I’m ever arrested, I hope I can bring some noodles with me. 00:10:48 - It’s weird, the inside shots look very 50s, whilst outside is super futuristic. Can’t quite get my head around that. 00:13:38 - It’s also interesting that they assume smoking is still in fashion, when these days, you rarely see it anymore. 00:15:09 - That is quite an enormous Coca Cola ad. Did they have product placement in those days, or is it just a symbol of the future? Coke will be around forever. 00:22:31 - Why are they called Blade Runners? 00:29:33 - It seems to rain a lot in the future, I hope they do get those umbrella replacements sorted. 00:33:44 - It also seems that it is very dark in the future, and mood lighting is the fashion. 00:35:21 - I don’t want to override the very scientific test he is doing, but you can tell the replicants from their weird hair and very defined cheekbones. 00:48:43 - What number in Japan starts with 555-? 00:53:41 - There was a fashion for see-through coats a while back, I hope it doesn’t come back again. 00:54:36 - There are also Atari ads, not quite so prominent as Coke. 01:05:31 - She has crazy shoulder pads too. 01:13:51 - I hope they don’t kill J.F. I like him. 01:23:06 - He spent all that time trying to find his creator but clearly didn’t think twice about disposing of him. Who’s he going to turn to for help now? 01:26:46 - Don’t show any marketing agencies this idea of flying ads, please. That singing lady would get old very quickly. 01:35:40 - It must be tricky to hold your hand as though you have broken fingers. Do they teach you that in drama school? 01:38:55 - He’s climbing up an overhang… of a crumbly old building… in the rain… with broken fingers. Uh huh. 01:47:00 - Meaning that he had been there and let her go?


Apologies to Mr C, but I was really not a fan of this. The idea behind the story is good but it wasn’t until I got halfway through the film that I really understood what was going on. The mood lighting and smoke machines got annoying after a while, and most of the time I was worried for poor J.F.

Rating: 25

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