Sunshine Cleaning

Published October 15, 2012

Sunshine Cleaning

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  • Title Sunshine Cleaning
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  • Year 2008
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Title: Sunshine Cleaning Director: Christine Jeffs Year: 2008 Run time: 1hr 31m

Background Info

In an effort to cleanse our minds of the horror that was Prometheus, we moved on to another film that was potentially the complete opposite. I didn’t really know what this one was all about, I think we snapped it up when it was 99p film of the week, but I like Amy Adams, so I was all for it.

Live Blog

0:57 - I have never used that mouth spray stuff. I feel like I am missing out on something. 3:42 - I like Amy Adams, she’s so pretty. I can only ever think of her in the muppets now, though. 8:41 - Ten dollars for a night’s babysitting doesn’t seem like very much. 11:32 - Do cleaners bring their own vacuum cleaners everywhere? That seems unwieldy. 14:47 - “It’s just like cleaning up a house… but there’s blood there?” 20:05 - Strawberry flavour corn gives you bionic strength, eh? 21:04 - So true. The bored kids do get confused for being stupid. 23:47 - When I see places like that, it makes me feel better about how cluttered I am. 27:47 - That seems like the kind of job where you really can’t get too involved. 31:51 - Busted! 34:03 - “You have nice veins” is a weird complement. 41:28 - She left the shop without getting anything. Did she go in there specifically to insult her? 42:46 - The kid is a genius. 47:49 - It’s tricky, because you have to be certified to do it, but you have to work to be able to afford to get certified. 49:07 - No wonder the kid is a bit weird, though. Suicide is definitely not a good thing! 56:54 - Never heard of trestling but it looks amazing, if terrifying. 1:02:32 - He has an awful lot of model kits and stuff, great collection. 1:05:37 - It is a difficult job to bring up at parties! 1:09:34 - Burning the house down will not get them a lot of business. 1:12:47 - $40,000! 1:15:14 - How did she think the conversation was going to go? It’d have been odd if she’d been okay with it! 1:21:59 - What kind of rubbishy film would spend so long looking at the waitress? Straight to TV, I guess! 1:25:26 - Bless the dad!


Lovely. Quite angst-ridden at times, the girls clearly had a lot going on and a lot to work through, but it was really wonderful to travel the path with them. There were bits that didn’t quite make sense to me (why would you go to the baby shower? And why would you want to tell the woman about her dead mother?) but people are different and that’s what makes them interesting.

It was a nice, relatively gentle way to spend 90 minutes, and the only thing I’d change is to have more of a confirmation that Winston remained in the picture. Because he was lovely.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: Unrated

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