Men in Black II

Published October 8, 2012

Men in Black II

Film info

  • Title Men in Black II
  • Director Barry Sonnenfeld
  • Year 2002
  • Run time 1hr 28m
  • Genres Adventure, Science Fiction, Comedy, Action
  • Tagline Same planet. New scum.

Agent J and Agent K are back! Agent J (Will Smith) needs help with a new breed of alien terror intent on destroying the planet. He is sent to find Agent K (Jones), restore his memory and enlist him in the fight of a lifetime.

Fast Facts

Title: Men in Black II Director: Barry Sonnenfeld Year: 2002 Run time: 1hr 28m

Background Info

The fact that the third film in the series is due imminently and has a fabulous trailer meant that we were keen to get these two watched. The first I remember fondly, the second I couldn’t recall whether I’d seen or not. If I had, I knew nothing about it, except the theme of course. Nod ya head!

Live Blog

0:43 - I would love to know what the previous 26 episodes of Mysteries in HIstory contained. 3:16 - Surprised Johnny Knoxville is in this one. Just saw him in a trailer and wondered when he started acting… 5:01 - It’s tiny! 10:53 - I like that he has a big ol' rant and has to use the flashy thing again. 19:16 - Pug in a suit! 23:40 - “I’ll flash you some other time.” 29:56 - If you can talk someone back from the flashy thing, what is the point of it? 32:15 - Actual Michael Jackson! 33:19 - “The last suit you’ll ever wear… again.” 37:33 - You can find anything on eBay. 43:54 - Whenever I see those buildings with the fire escapes on the outside, it makes me think of Friends. 47:38 - Will Smith did a real life “tell it to the hand.” 53:11 - Do we have lockers at train stations in this country? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, and that’s two films in a row now! 1:01:30 - See, getting emotionally involved in stuff isn’t good! 1:04:05 - Backstreet Boys mention! Possibly not in a good light, but woooo! 1:06:09 - “Away from the bullets? No problem.” 1:11:30 - Will he never learn to wear a seat belt? 1:16:00 - “We are who we are, even if we sometimes forget.” 1:20:49 - We’re just a locker in their Grand Central Station!


After watching this, I checked out the reviews and the one that says “worth watching once” is pretty much spot on. It was okay, it was nice to see the characters again, the story wasn’t quite as engaging as the first, but it was mercifully short. There were some good bits in it, but I didn’t really like the two-headed Johnny Knoxville. Thankfully there was a lot less goo in this one, though.

**Rating: **2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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