26. Dances with Wolves

Published January 2, 2010

Fast Facts

Title: Dances with Wolves Director: Kevin Costner Year: 1990 Run time: 2hrs 50

Background Info

Suddenly, the BBC started putting loads of films on the iPlayer, and this was one of the first that caught my eye. I wasn’t keen - almost three hours! - and I had a feeling it would be like the English Patient, all meaningful and going over my head. Still, I was determined to give it a chance.

Live Blog

00:01:55 - That’s quite a beard Mr Costner has. ********00:09:05 - So what did it achieve, him being the hero? Is it just because it got them shooting any which way? 00:18:08 - I feel like everyone in this film is a little bit mental. 00:25:48 - On the one hand, it’s crazy to stay there by yourself. On the other hand, imagine the solitude! 00:27:33 - It’s quite handy to always sleep in your clothes and therefore be ready for gun pointing action. 00:32:48 - How many arrows does it take, really? 00:37:13 - He spent all that time swimming and getting clean, now he’s crawling about in the dirt. 00:42:18 - Huh. I wasn’t expecting the hero type who is also slightly incompetent. 00:44:47 - This reminds me very much of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman. There was a man with a wolf in that too. 00:48:17 - I feel like it would be inconvenient to have to ride with one hand on your flag. ****01:05:46 - It’s interesting to see people communicate with no common language. I’m not sure how they do it. ****01:20:19 - Why is he going with them? He was so determined not to leave his post before. 01:25:44 - What on earth do they do with all the buffalos they kill? 01:32:29 - Does getting your hat back make telling stories and eating raw buffalo worthwhile? 01:42:36 - How does dances with wolves have the same word as buffalo in it? 01:49:36 - He seems to read his journal a lot more often than he writes in it. 01:56:06 - He looks different without the beard. Like Jon Bon Jovi. ****02:04:11 - They are really quite vicious. He was circled with guns and they still beat him with sticks. ****02:16:19 - Who knew writing a journal would be so troublesome? 02:31:35 - How on earth do they get on and off their horses like that?


This was definitely a surprise. I was sure I wasn’t going to like it, as I mentioned above, but in the end, it was really good. It was too long, obviously, and some of it was a bit too scenery based, but bits of it were funny and that helps a film no end.

Rating: 35

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