The Hunger Games

Published September 16, 2012

The Hunger Games

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  • Title The Hunger Games
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  • Year 2012
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Title: The Hunger Games Director: Gary Ross Year: 2012 Run time: 2hrs 22

Background Info

I read these books a while back, and I was very curious about what the film versions would be like. There’s a trend for making young adult series' into movies and they seem to do pretty well, so the pressure on The Hunger Games was going to be huge! Mr C hasn’t read them, and wasn’t aware of any of the plot, so I thought it would be interesting to see what it’s like from the point of view of someone in the know, and someone not.

Live Blog

1:11 - I am wondering how much, if any, of this I will have to explain to Mr C. Also wondering if I can remember any of it! 3:23 - Wobbly camerawork ahoy. 5:42 - She’s a bit Legolas with the arrows! 9:07 - It’s weird seeing the juxtaposition of the “city” against the “poor” on screen. I guess I imagined it a bit different. 12:44 - Loving her crazy colour against the grey. 19:06 - That pin didn’t work, really, did it. Certainly didn’t protect the girl from her name being called out! 24:39 - I’d like to go on that train… if it didn’t lead to imminent death. 32:01 - It’s like the Olympics Opening Ceremony. 33:48 - It’s a good job they were last, I wouldn’t have fancied travelling behind them and their flames! 50:42 - The amount of food they have is almost disgusting. Also, they are sitting on Big Brother style chairs. 53:15 - So, at some indeterminate point in the future, no one has a normal name anymore. 59:17 - That interviewer can handle anything! 1:04:07 - You can see why he turned to drink, the whole process is awful. 1:08:04 - Seems like split screen coverage is big in the future. 1:09:58 - Oh, I see, jerky camerawork so as not to show too much gore. 1:13:34 - This is all reality shows melded into one. Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity. 1:18:28 - It’s one thing to turn her around, but they’re practically trying to kill her themselves. 1:25:30 - Like wasps aren’t bad enough, we have to genetically engineer them. 1:36:35 - They seem like really nice arrows. Strong-like. 1:45:20 - That man’s beard is ridiculous. 1:46:12 - The rose garden thing is just like the Queen of Hearts. 1:52:48 - Last time he said that would be the only announcement. 2:06:45 - For a minute there, I was worried she would shoot him in the eye. 2:12:16 - Ooh, the train. I forgot.


I thought it was good - there wasn’t very much about it that didn’t fit with my expectations from the book. They crammed a lot of story in there, it felt like it could have been a four hour movie, but I was glad it wasn’t. It was long enough! I did think there were some gaps at the start of the story - the hunger felt more acute in the book, and the reasons behind putting your name in the bowl more times than necessary. I didn’t like the wobbly camera work, but it made sense after a while, to distill the violence and up the adrenaline! Overall, good, and Mr C was left intrigued what could be left for the sequel.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: Unrated

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