We Bought a Zoo

Published September 13, 2012

We Bought a Zoo

Film info

  • Title We Bought a Zoo
  • Director Cameron Crowe
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 2hrs 4m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Tagline A true zoo story

Following the death of his wife, a boston newspaper columnist (The father of 13-Year-Old boy and 6-Year-Old girl) buys a dilapidated new hampshire zoo in hopes of making a new start. Against enormous odds, he and his children, working with a small but loyal staff, not only make the improvements needed to get the zoo certified, but come to terms with their loss...

Fast Facts

Title: We Bought a Zoo Director: Cameron Crowe Year: 2011 Run time: 2hrs 4

Background Info

Saw the trailer for this one a long while back and was keen to watch it. I figured it would be sentimental but hey, it’s Matt Damon so it’s always worth giving it a go. However, the wait was so long that by the time it was available to rent via iTunes, I had talked myself out of watching it. We event left it to near the end of the 30 day allotted period. I don’t know why but I had decided it was going to be rubbish. Nevertheless, the prospect of it going unwatched was too much.

Live Blog

0:40 - Who voluntarily stands amongst Killer Bees? I hope they weren’t really killer bees. Poor Matt Damon. 2:36 - “I’ve had it with whatever. I don’t want to hear it again this century.” 6:04 - He took six months away from people and missed them! Madness. 7:05 - iPocalypse! 9:19 - Headteachers are scary. 17:18 - I thought he said there weren’t any rolling hills nearby? 18:56 - Who looks after the zoo whilst it’s being sold then? 21:38 - “I said… human interaction.” 23:34 - I don’t want to jump the gun, but that boy is pasty and greasy and bound to be all fresh-faced and lovely by the end. 23:55 - “Give me some fork.” 26:09 - Ohhh, Scarlett Johansson has been looking after the animals. Silly me. 28:14 - That was a monkey facepalm. 33:17 - Didn’t they want to move to get away from noisy neighbours? A lion is quite noisy, let alone a peacock! 41:29 - Butter is that important. 18 miles of important. 44:20 - She is seven going on twenty-seven. 49:17 - I probably should have expected the snake thing in a film about a zoo. 57:22 - BEAR! 1:05:28 - I love the brother the best. “Listen to your heart, not your brother.” 1:14:45 - I wonder how many takes it was to film with a real tiger. 1:21:10 - I don’t buy that he would have left his kids like that. She’s only seven. 1:23:38 - The trouble with associating someone with a store like Target us that they are all the same. 1:26:56 - “What about the Easter Bunny?” 1:33:44 - Mr C says: “You’d cry too, if you were normal.” 1:37:43 - Drinking all night long, that’s the way to deal with people you really don’t like. 1:43:51 - It’s an ensemble piece, for sure, but the child is stealing the show. 1:44:52 - “I like the animals, but I love the humans.” 1:53:19 - The ending, the music, bit soppy for my taste. Like the kid being forced into labour at the peacock enclosure. 1:55:08 - Scratch that, its not so much the ending as the Jónsi.


It was brilliant! I was so wrong! Of course, it was sentimental and it was predictable as anything but the characters were fun and it was a story you really got engaged with. The girl was far too precocious for her age, so it was almost unbelievable, but it was also incredibly cute and made quite a difference. I was surprised at how small a part the animals played really - a rogue bear and a sick tiger and that was about it. My only complaint of the whole film, though, was the music. Not really a fan of Jónsi, and as he composed the whole thing, it wasn’t really my kinda music. Not enough to dock it a point though.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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