Published July 2, 2012


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  • Title Chronicle
  • Directors
  • Year 2012
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Fast Facts

Title: Chronicle Director: Josh Trank Year: 2012 Run time: 1hr 24

Background Info

It was solely the trailer that sold us on this film. Unusual in its style, an intriguing premise, and no famous people in it whatsoever. We had it in our to-watch queue for a little while, as other films took precedence but it finally made it to the top of the pile.

Live Blog

1:41 - I like that when faced with a camera, the response is: “Who’s the audience?” 3:58 - He’s not the most inspiring narrator, David Attenborough can sleep soundly. 6:43 - This kid gets thrown around a lot, I think he is allowed to be uninspiring. 8:10 - That is a massive camera, not subtle! 12:20 - Not in a million life times would I go in some random hole in the ground - even if I was with a ninja. 16:45 - Knocking over someone’s lego is never cool. 17:52 - If his old camera is down there, how did we see the footage? 19:27 - Smaller camera this time. 24:42 - Imagine coming back and finding your car in a completely different spot! 28:08 - “You can’t use it when you’re angry.” 30:57 - This must be like what Iron Man sees. 32:48 - I properly jumped then. 38:06 - Seems to be cheating a bit that she has a camera too. 39:06 - Surely the camera thing involves multi-tasking! 46;47 - People must start asking questions very soon though? 51:46 - The spider didn’t deserve it, the dad kinda did. 54:06 - How do they explain that one? 58:29 - He’s getting a bit big for his boots. 1:03:28 - They are coming up with nifty little ways to have cameras about the place to keep the storytelling up together. 1:09:26 - Someone’s filming that with an iPad - terrible camera! 1:16:02 - Will he go to Tibet? 1:18:59 - Fancy having all the world to choose from and going up a mountain.


So, firstly, gosh it was short! Not even 90 minutes long. How deliciously different.

It was exactly what I thought it would be up above in the introduction - an interesting premise, and an unusual delivery. The method of telling the story through character camerawork was both fabulous and sometimes something of a hindrance. Sometimes things felt a bit shoehorned in, and by the end battle in the sky, I wasn’t sure what camera was doing what. It probably didn’t really matter, but when you combine it with the issue of his first camera being buried… you end up with a massive plot hole (quite literally!)

I thought the story was great, well-acted, and stuck well to its own slow pace, but then things ramped up so quickly at the end, I was taken aback at the abruptness of it all.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: Unrated

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