Published May 9, 2012


Film info

  • Title Flightplan
  • Director Robert Schwenke
  • Year 2005
  • Run time 1hr 38m
  • Genres Thriller, Drama, Mystery
  • Tagline If someone took everything you live for... how far would you go to get it back?

Flying at 40,000 feet in a state-of-the art aircraft that she helped design, Kyle Pratt's (Foster) 6-year-old daughter Julia vanishes without a trace. Or did she? No one on the plane believes Julia was ever onboard. And now Kyle, desperate and alone, can only count on her own wits to unravel the mystery and save her daughter. From the producer of Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind, Flightplan is an intense, suspense-filled thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire flight.

Fast Facts

Title: Flightplan Director: Robert Schwentke Year: 2005 Run time: 1hr 38

Background Info

Another film on our Netflix adventure - so disappointed in some of the new stuff coming out on iTunes at the moment! Nevertheless, Netflix is there as a great backup. I’ve not seen this one and didn’t know anything about it. Mr C knew it had something to do with the little girl but that was as far as his recollections would take him.

Live Blog

2:28 - For some reason, the music is reminding me of Tomb Raider. 5:14 - Glad I never had a child’s light thing that had planes on it. Freaked out enough by them as it is. 8:35 - The child is pondering what kind of food they have in a whole other country and is only concerned about the toast. 10:11 - She is, potentially, the most terrifying mother ever. 11:00 - I think airports would be better if you couldn’t see the big scary plane you were getting on. 14:06 - “It’s okay to hate the passengers.” 16:00 - Coffin on a plane, feels just like LOST. 22:34 - I’d say that she can’t have gone far but it’s a pretty big plane for a small girl to hide in. 24:52 - How would getting the captain help? I’d rather he was flying the plane. 30:43 - Sean Bean! He looks different. 32:40 - “A teddy bear does not constitute an inaccurate passenger manifesto.” 34:39 - Palm Pilot! Aged film immediately. 39:44 - I quite like strict Mr Bean. Sean, I mean, not the other one. 42:40 - I can’t imagine what the other passengers are thinking. What a terrible flight! 52:53 - Just what you need when you’ve flipped out on a plane, a therapist. 56:30 - The poor passengers! 59:12 - She just wrecked a brand new BMW. 1:05:11 - Ooh, is he going rogue? 1:08:26 - I wouldn’t actually class this as rogue. Something else entirely. 1:19:23 - Now they’re shooting up the pretty plane. 1:20:45 - She is good. 1:25:34 - I like that the man is getting injured - better than those ones that go on being all invincible. 1:28:40 - I have a lot of questions about what just happened.


Now, I like a short film probably more than the next person but the ending to this was so abrupt, it just left Mr C and I full of questions. The concept for this is brilliant, I was fascinated throughout, loved it. The ending just raised a billion questions and opened up even more plot holes. I felt a bit deflated after enjoying the rest of it so much. I also didn’t think the bad guy was particularly good, he was better before we knew he was evil.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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