The Day after Tomorrow

Published May 7, 2012

The Day after Tomorrow

Film info

  • Title The Day after Tomorrow
  • Director Roland Emmerich
  • Year 2004
  • Run time 2hrs 4m
  • Genres Science Fiction, Adventure, Action, Thriller
  • Tagline Where will you be?

When global warming triggers the onset of a new Ice Age, tornadoes flatten Los Angeles, a tidal wave engulfs New York City and the entire Northern Hemisphere begins to freeze solid. As full-scale, massive evacuations to the south begin, a world-renowned climatologist (Quaid) who predicted the storm just a few days prior, must now risk his life to rescue his teenage son (Gyllenhaal) who is stranded in frozen, desolate Manhattan.

Fast Facts

Title: The Day after Tomorrow Director: Roland Emmerich Year: 2004 Run time: 2hrs 4

Background Info

We’ve both seen this one before and, as you would imagine, I love it. Disaster movies are my kind of thing, particularly when they are as outlandish as this one. I know of several scenes which stuck in my mind, and I reference the helicopter freezing bit quite often. Bring it on!

Live Blog

2:33 - Mr C is impressed with the titles because when they are over the sea they are white and when they are over the ice they are black. It’s rock and roll around here, I tell ya. 3:20 - I couldn’t go too far towards the South Pole, it’s so windy. I couldn’t cope. Plus the whole camping thing. 5:50 - I love that we are straight into some disaster. No time for backstory yet. 9:52 - Yay for Adrian Lester. Love him! 12:06 - Glad I didn’t go running in hail like that. 15:08 - I guess teachers don’t like it when their students are smarter than they are? 16:09 - Oh no, astronauts stuck in space! Although, knowing what’s coming, it’s the best place for them. 21:45 - “This place is so retro. It’d actually be cool if it was on purpose.” 27:28 - That tornado specifically had it in for the Hollywood sign. Brilliant. 30:52 - This film would be one of the few reasons to get a bigger TV. 33:36 - I’ve always wanted to say “walk with me” to someone. 41:28 - The man coming out of the helicopter and freezing is one of my favourite bits of cinema ever. 46:04 - Last time we saw this, we couldn’t work out where the wolves came from. Now we know! 57:22 - Is the library tall? It doesn’t look the tallest. 59:34 - Getting all wet doesn’t seem like a good idea in the cold. 1:04:52 - Poor Canada. 1:11:16 - I’d stay put, but mostly because I am lazy. 1:14:06 - Hmm. This is an argument against the Kindle, I think. 1:15:10 - “Guys, there’s a whole section on tax law here we can burn.” 1:28:12 - Surprised the President held out so long. In most films, he’s usually out of there asap. Not in Independence Day, I suppose. 1:34:58 - So… that door was locked from the inside with no one in it? 1:39:32 - Father and son both dragging their friends to safety. 1:40:37 - The frozen flag thing is way cool. 1:43:57 - Note to self: Make friends with a climatologist. 1:47:31 - All good disaster movies must have the Statue of Liberty half buried. 1:52:32 - Are the people from space ever going to get down?


It’s actually more silly than I remembered it being, and even more unbelievable than you would expect. Despite that, it’s got some beautiful shots in it, and some great disaster stuff which is really well made. This is probably one of those films I could watch over and over, like Armageddon. Didn’t cry though.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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