Seeking Justice

Published April 15, 2012

Seeking Justice

Film info

  • Title Seeking Justice
  • Director Roger Donaldson
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 35m
  • Genres Action, Thriller, Drama
  • Tagline Vengeance always has a price

A happily married family man's quiet life is turned upside-down when his wife is brutally attacked one night while leaving work. The husband unwittingly pulls himself into a dangerous underground vigilante operation after agreeing to an intriguing offer for a stranger to exact vengeance on his wife's attacker. While continuing to protect his wife from the truth, he quickly discovers that his quest for justice could lead to frightening and deadly consequences.

Fast Facts

Title: Justice (or Seeking Justice) Director: Roger Donaldson Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 35

Background Info

The trailer for this was interesting enough. I’m not sure it’s a film we were particularly excited about, but Mr C’s fandom regarding Nicolas Cage meant we were going to have to watch it at some point. I was also curious to see January Jones in something other than Mad Men, although I have only seen one series of that show.

Live Blog

0:33 - Neither of us can remember what this is about but it has Cage in it so it must be good… oh wait. 3:32 - It’s their anniversary which can only mean bad things are going to happen. 7:01 - Metal detecting machines at school is kinda scary. 9:58 - Not often a film starts with chess club. 14:44 - “An organisation that deals with people.” Specific. 16:24 - I suppose the question is, if they are seeking justice, why do they need his say so? They could just do it. 19:06 - A vending machine is a unique means of communication. 25:44 - Did she just go ahead and get the gun without him? Secrets, eh? 28:02 - Delivering a letter can’t possibly make you even with killing someone. 29:32 - That’s your first mistake, see. I don’t answer my phone when it is a blocked number. 30:28 - Flamingoes! There should be more flamingoes in films. 36:40 - You don’t want to disappoint Mike from Neighbours. 38:09 - He has quite a good stare. 41:00 - Note to self: Don’t have a-z fridge magnets that people can leave scary messages with. 43:24 - I think she would be more worried about hearing someone walking around and him saying it wasn’t him. 45:21 - You can put your bike on the front of a bus? That’s way cool! 54:21 - My favourite colour is purple too. 1:00:29 - At least he’s told his wife. That shows some hope for their relationship! 1:05:57 - Is it wrong that I quite like Simon even though he is clearly evil? He seems so organised. 1:08:51 - Yay for some self-defense! 1:11:41 - He’s an English teacher, he knows that stuff! 1:15:38 - He doesn’t seem to be even slightly worried about his wife, despite the fact the bad guys know where he lives. 1:21:23 - I like that that was someone chasing to beat a level crossing and didn’t actually make it. That never happens. 1:28:14 - How the tables have turned, he is dictating the orders now. 1:34:57 - Mutiny! 1:40:18 - They’re everywhere.


This film seems to have gone down the same way the previous Cage one did and that is not well. I didn’t mind it. I found the story intriguing enough, although there were some irritating plot holes in terms of character reactions. It wasn’t particularly thrilling, did not get the adrenaline going, but I was curious how the story was going to turn out, so it at least had something going for it. I thought January Jones played acted her role the same as her 1950s housewife, and a review suggested Cage “phoned it in” which I can understand.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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