Published April 15, 2012


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  • Title Justice
  • Directors
  • Year 2011
  • Run time
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Fast Facts

Title: Justice (or Seeking Justice) Director: Roger Donaldson Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 35

Background Info

The trailer for this was interesting enough. I’m not sure it’s a film we were particularly excited about, but Mr C’s fandom regarding Nicolas Cage meant we were going to have to watch it at some point. I was also curious to see January Jones in something other than Mad Men, although I have only seen one series of that show.

Live Blog

0:33 - Neither of us can remember what this is about but it has Cage in it so it must be good… oh wait. 3:32 - It’s their anniversary which can only mean bad things are going to happen. 7:01 - Metal detecting machines at school is kinda scary. 9:58 - Not often a film starts with chess club. 14:44 - “An organisation that deals with people.” Specific. 16:24 - I suppose the question is, if they are seeking justice, why do they need his say so? They could just do it. 19:06 - A vending machine is a unique means of communication. 25:44 - Did she just go ahead and get the gun without him? Secrets, eh? 28:02 - Delivering a letter can’t possibly make you even with killing someone. 29:32 - That’s your first mistake, see. I don’t answer my phone when it is a blocked number. 30:28 - Flamingoes! There should be more flamingoes in films. 36:40 - You don’t want to disappoint Mike from Neighbours. 38:09 - He has quite a good stare. 41:00 - Note to self: Don’t have a-z fridge magnets that people can leave scary messages with. 43:24 - I think she would be more worried about hearing someone walking around and him saying it wasn’t him. 45:21 - You can put your bike on the front of a bus? That’s way cool! 54:21 - My favourite colour is purple too. 1:00:29 - At least he’s told his wife. That shows some hope for their relationship! 1:05:57 - Is it wrong that I quite like Simon even though he is clearly evil? He seems so organised. 1:08:51 - Yay for some self-defense! 1:11:41 - He’s an English teacher, he knows that stuff! 1:15:38 - He doesn’t seem to be even slightly worried about his wife, despite the fact the bad guys know where he lives. 1:21:23 - I like that that was someone chasing to beat a level crossing and didn’t actually make it. That never happens. 1:28:14 - How the tables have turned, he is dictating the orders now. 1:34:57 - Mutiny! 1:40:18 - They’re everywhere.


This film seems to have gone down the same way the previous Cage one did and that is not well. I didn’t mind it. I found the story intriguing enough, although there were some irritating plot holes in terms of character reactions. It wasn’t particularly thrilling, did not get the adrenaline going, but I was curious how the story was going to turn out, so it at least had something going for it. I thought January Jones played acted her role the same as her 1950s housewife, and a review suggested Cage “phoned it in” which I can understand.

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: Unrated

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