Published March 27, 2012


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  • Title Contagion
  • Directors
  • Year 2011
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Fast Facts

Title: Contagion Director: Steven Soderbergh Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 46

Background Info

We have been waiting for this for a long time, after seeing the trailer before it came out in the cinema. Wait, wait, wait and finally, there it was. A little bit of disaster movie, quite a lot of suspense and plenty of coughing - with a dash of Matt Damon thrown in for fun. Definitely sounds like my kind of movie.

Live Blog

1:19 - She looks unwell. I think I know what is going to happen! 3:38 - Great montage. Reminds me of that bit in The Stand where there is paragraph after paragraph about people you don’t need to know about. 6:02 - That’s Jude Law in a terrible hat. 9:58 - At least the Doctor is being honest and saying they don’t know, but that isn’t very comforting. 16:08 - “Your dad’s in isolation.” Not something you want to hear. 17:47 - “You don’t have anybody.” Probably not something he wants to hear either. 21:00 - I love this bio security place! Imagine having to get so dressed up before starting any task. 22:28 - “Blogging is not writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation.” 24:08 - It seems like they’re stepping up the concern quickly with not many deaths. Not that any deaths should happen. 28:20 - Instantly blame the wife’s lover. Not perhaps that she gave it to him. 31:19 - The man makes a good point. Better to overreact than under when people’s lives are at stake. 34:45 - Working for the CDC would make you paranoid as heck. 35:25 - The man is going rogue in a radiation suit. 42:09 - Where are they getting this footage from? CCTV isn’t that good. 49:05 - Tracking down someone’s movements in a foreign country must be hard. 52:05 - Er, Houston, we have a hostage situation. 56:50 - I should probably stock up on tinned goods. 57:39 - No secret can remain a secret for two minutes! 1:01:14 - Where did he get that protective gear from? Where do you get DIY biohazard stuff? 1:03:15 - Run out of body bags! 1:08:42 - The white puffy hazmat suits look like Bibendum! 1:12:01 - Surely they could at least be trying to reverse engineer his blood? She said it would take ages but they’re 20+ days in now. 1:13:24 - Matt Damon picks up a gun. Come on Bourne! 1:14:34 - Gosh, he actually is a father with a shotgun. 1:16:36 - The bravery of some people is amazing. 1:22:52 - “You can’t take my blood, that’s my property.” 1:25:28 - She types fast on that iPhone, I need more practice. 1:26:04 - Ooh, the hostage. Forgot about her. Apparently she is just a teacher now. 1:38:42 - U2, eh? 1:39:47 - Solo, indoor prom is about as good as it gets.


Really, very, very good. I was surprised at the relatively slow pace of the film. No major moments, no big action sequences, just an undercurrent of fear as the virus slowly spread. For such a large cast of characters, it was easy to get behind most of them (give or take!). The only one I didn’t really understand was Marion Cotillard’s character, but I suppose they needed to get her out of the way before she uncovered the origin.

Tiny thing, though. Overall it was brilliant. And I really do think proms could do with that kind of rethinking.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: Unrated

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