Johnny English Reborn

Published February 19, 2012

Johnny English Reborn

Film info

  • Title Johnny English Reborn
  • Director Oliver Parker
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 41m
  • Genres Thriller, Action, Crime, Comedy, Adventure
  • Tagline A little intelligence goes a long way

International funnyman Rowan Atkinson (Johnny English, Mr. Bean) returns as the accidental secret agent who doesn’t know fear -- or danger -- in this hilarious spy film spoof that’s outrageous fun for the whole family! In his latest mission, Johnny English must stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos. With just one shot at redemption, he will use (or misuse) the latest high-tech gadgets and every trick in his playbook to protect us all.

Fast Facts

Title: Johnny English Reborn Director: Oliver Parker Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 41

Background Info

We saw the trailer for this one, and whilst waiting for it to come out, caught up with the first movie. Loved the first installment, so was expecting much the same from the second. It’s always a bit weird when a sequel comes out so much later than the first, though, and Rowan Atkinson certainly looks a little bit older.

Live Blog

1:26 - Doh-Zambique is a great headline. 3:14 - They can’t make Johnny English good though, else he’d be actual James Bond. 6:01 - Sponsored Secret Service! I love it. 8:50 - She was in James Bond too. Weird. 11:54 - “MI7’s current weapon of choice is dialogue.” 16:57 - Wow, a hoover that transforms to a gun. I could do with one of those. 18:43 - Training in Parkour helps when you are an assassin. 21:45 - Awesome chase scene. 23:54 - “You’ve met your matchstick.” 25:26 - I’m pretty sure hitting a loose floorboard is cheating. 32:55 - An MI7 agent at a kiddie birthday party certainly spices things up. 33:58 - Emotional leakage does not sound good. 38:57 - Voice activated car is an interesting proposition. 42:51 - Good grief, I don’t need to be seeing helicopters going sideways. 44:54 - I don’t mind seeing a helicopter going round a roundabout though. Genius. 49:26 - Wow, that chair sketch is as old as the hills, but I couldn’t stop laughing. 54:12 - Spy of the Month! 55:00 - Going rogue mentioned in the script! 58:07 - It doesn’t take much away from the story, but I’m surprised they would believe it seeing as Johnny told them about the third man in the first place. 1:00:57 - F. Fast. 1:05:37 - “You have always fascinated me… clinically.” 1:08:08 - I wonder if he will be scared of vacuum cleaners for the rest of his life. 1:10:59 - Best car ever! Wing mirror holes and everything! 1:22:35 - Tucker is quite awesome. 1:24:30 - Only Rowan Atkinson could pull off fighting with himself like that. 1:27:43 - There is no medical reason she would think that would work, but hey, it is called the kiss of life. 1:34:19 - Add to that a lifelong fear of the Queen, I guess.


Loved this. It didn’t have quite so many laughs as the first outing of English, but there was plenty to enjoy as the story unfolded. I thought it was quite innovative - things like the helicopter, and the motorised wheelchair chase were great, without being cliched. I thought the James Bond comparisons were a bit too obvious in this one, even the music was the same except for a single note. I don’t remember it being like that in the first film but perhaps that is just my poor memory. Overall, a fun watch.

**Rating: **4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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