Star Trek

Published January 28, 2012

Star Trek

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  • Title Star Trek
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  • Year 2009
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Title: Star Trek Director: J. J. Abrams Year: 2009 Run time: 2hrs 7

Background Info

We meant to watch this when it first became available on iTunes, eons ago, but we missed the opportunity and the rental option disappeared. My dad saw it on TV, and recommended it to me, which reminded me to have another look, and soon enough, the film was back on the rental market, and we snapped it up.

Live Blog

2:37 - The poor Starship is tiny compared to… whatever that is. 5:10 - USS Kelvin isn’t a very Enterprisey name. 11:12 - James, not Jim. They are one and the same, but it just doesn’t seem right on a baby. 12:52 - What an awesome road to speed along! 15:07 - Jeez louise, and I thought our education system was bad. I don’t envy those on Vulcan! 18:30 - Winona is playing Spock’s mother? When did she get old? 24:10 - “a peacekeeping and humanitarian armada.” 24:46 - He should have just double dared him back. 28:54 - So all we need now is “cannae do it captain” and the crew is complete. 33:56 - Yay Spock! 40:16 - They’ve got the right colours on now and everything! This is so good! 46:54 - It’s a good job Sulu buggered up the start and made them late. 52:36 - The only tiny problem with this film is you sort of get the feeling they will all survive. 58:32 - Who knew Sulu was so strong? 59:30 - Are the gazillion lens flares in this intentional? Because it kinda looks like shoddy camerawork to me. 1:00:37 - Love the idea of reusable parachutes but they don’t seem to work in practice. 1:01:03 - I properly love Chekhov. 1:06:33 - Not from my usual icky standpoint, but what’s with the kissing? I don’t remember that! 1:09:47 - “Dammit, man, I’m a doctor!” 1:12:25 - Vulcan death grip! There was so much to love about that scene. 1:15:38 - SPOCK!! 1:21:16 - “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?” 1:25:23 - If he says he doesn’t have the power, I will actually die. 1:32:12 - Old James T is getting plenty beat up in this film. 1:35:50 - Chekhov is just 17? That’s crazy cute. 1:45:21 - When he shouts Spock, it sounds like swearing. 1:50:21 - They make an ace double act. 1:53:54 - They’re not doing the Back to the Future thing of “I’m old!” Too logical, I guess. 1:54:59 - “Put aside logic, do what feels right.” 2:00:41 - Beautiful.


Oh it was so good. So, so good. I love the characters, I love the story, I love the twists and turns and the secret nods and winks, and the appearance of ACTUAL SPOCK. There were a few bits I didn’t like but the good outweighed the bad so much that it still gets a top score.

Things I was slightly miffed by - the fact that we had to stop the film twice for Mr C to do some explaining, although actually I have missed that experience. Also, the relationship between Spock and Ahura, and as mentioned above, not for any squeamish issues but just because it doesn’t seem right. I know he’s half human and all, but it doesn’t seem logical!

Finally, and this one really is quite a big one that I know a lot of people complain about, the lens flare! Dude, Abrams discovered a new toy on his editing software and he was determined to use it. Occasionally, it was beautiful. Amongst the stars, or glinting off the shiny Enterprise, excellent. But as the film wore on, it was used over and over again, in more and more improbable situations. In the middle of a flippin' auditorium? What is the light reflecting off??

Still, the man himself admits it was a bit much, so that’s something.

Overall, amazing and brilliant. Somehow managing to make me nostalgic for the Star Trek of old but excited for the revamped version as well.

**Rating: **5/5

Rating: Unrated

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